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I am a co-creator and author of Truth Inside Of You. I study computer science and I love spending my time listening to music and exploring the Web seeking information. I also like reading books and daydreaming for a better world.

81-Year-Old Grandpa Who Loves To Cuddle Babies Every Day Donates One Million Dollars To Hospital

What do you do when you are in your Twilight years? We tend to think of these periods as a time of depression – we are past the age when we could achieve something and now, we are just left…

91-Year-Old Terminally Ill Hospital Patient Knits Over 9000 Winter Hats For The Homeless

Ask yourself an honest question: if you came to know that you would die of something, what would you spend your time doing before the inevitable strikes? Most of us would be making bucket lists of sorts, with all kinds…

Funniest Signs Are Covering the Streets of Colorado and Someone Is Coming up with New Ones Every Week

Are you out of jokes to make your friends laugh? Scratching your head and trying to get some kind of clever pun to pop up just doesn’t help. It’s called a joke block. Happens to the best of us. All…

Australian Firefighters Pose Topless With Animals For 2019 Charity Calendar

Started in 1993 to support Children’s Hospital Foundation, Australian Firefighters Calendar stands for the required charity activities in the world. With the recent release of the calendar for the year 2019, we have the Australian

Owner Suprised By Golden Retriever Who Saved The Life Of A Baby Koala

Recently, Kerry McKinnon was caught off guard one morning when her golden retriever, Asha came home with something on her head that seemed to be moving a little.

Bullying a Plant Brings Out Astonishing Results That Will Make You Think

A bit of empathy can do a lot for the world. We have read about the tragic effects that happen when little kids get bullied in school. Maybe someone among us has faced bullying when they were kids. It’s really…

Man Explains Women’s Rage Today Using Nut Kicking Analogy For Men’s Understanding

A.R. Moxon, the author, took it upon himself to start an exercise for men to understand the concept of empathy, on lines of gender. He decided to articulate women’s experiences in terms of sexual and physical violence and reconstruct it…

98 Year Old Mother Moved to a Nursing Home to Take Care of Her 80 Year Old Son.

The unselfish and generous love of a mother to her children has been praised all around the world in every form of art.