About Us

Truth Inside Of You

Our name comes from the ancient greek philosophy and specifically from Socrates. He made a lot of discussions about “the one and only” Truth, if and where it exists and how can someone approach this Truth. Socrates claimed that the Truth lives inside each one of us, but we tend to forget everything the time our brain gets shocked by the use of oxygen (the time we are born). According to Socrates, a good teacher is someone able to show you the path, so that you can search inside your real self, reach and uncover your real ultimate Truth, alone. So, the Truth, according to Socrates is something that nobody can teach you and only you can approach it. “TruthInsideOfYou.org” started as an idea of three friends in 2013, to make a union of people from all around the world (a global community) that have a common will to evolve together through a platform that offers great content to discuss about. In “TruthInsideOfYou.org” you will find the most interesting recent news, real facts and informative content that promotes dialogue and creative discussions on the most enlightening and intriguing subjects of our era.


(The tools and information used here are for research & informative/dialogue promotive purposes only. You are encouraged to think freely and question everything.)