Global Awareness

Presentation of news and facts on different topics like ‘cosmos, planet, science and physics, environment’ that every human being should be aware of.

In China Animals Trapped Alive Are Sold As Keychains For $1.50

Animals belong in nature. And when we invite them into our families, it is expected we treat them as our own, with love and kindness. But there is an outrageous trend in China doing the rounds which has enraged the…

Kenya’s Solar Plant Turns Ocean Water Into Drinking Water Providing A Viable Solution To Global Water Crisis

Isn’t it ironical that a planet which consists of 71% water is suffering from water scarcity? The main question of this decade is ‘How do we convert oceanic water into potable water?’, and maybe the answer lies in Kenya.

Amazon Alexa Users Will Choose Samuel L. Jackson As A Voice Option

“Hey Alexa, read today’s news!” From now on Alexa will respond to these things in Samuel L Jackson’s voice. Isn’t it interesting?

The Danish Government Bought The Last 4 Circus Elephants So They Can Retire

In order to prevent more animal exploitation, Denmark’s government has bought the last 4 circus elephants. They will ensure that the elephants live the remainder of their lives in peace and relax properly.

Grown Up Version Of The Cozy Coupe Is Legal And It Goes Up To 70MPH

Childhood is the best of all life’s gifts and if you can carry it with you, you never grow old. One memory most of us carry is that ubiquitous yellow and red classic; the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe plastic car.…

Now The Blind Can Navigate Using Google Maps Thanks To A Blind Engineer And His Smart Cane

The immense power of modern technology has changed our lives in ways that were unimaginable even a couple of decades back. Many technological inventions or re-inventions have concentrated their efforts to alleviate the problems of the disabled and make life…

Watch How This Capuchin Monkey Sharpened A Rock And Shattered Its Glass Enclosure At The Zoo

It appears like a scene straight out of Planet of the Apes. The monkeys are breaking out of their enclosures. The next thing they might do is take over the world and put us in the enclosures instead.

This Mushroom Burial Suit Turns Bodies Into Fertilizer

As news of the devastating effects of climate change and global warming keeps increasing day by day, we all need to figure out how to live in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. Of course, when we do this we only…