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I am a co-creator and author of Truth Inside Of You. I study computer science and I love spending my time listening to music and exploring the Web seeking information. I also like reading books and daydreaming for a better world.

A 19 Year Old Student Invented Technology To Clean The Oceans.

A “giant funnel” can trap and remove the plastic waste polluting the oceans.The idea belongs to a nineteen-year Dutch student who has been awarded many times and now looking for two million U.S. dollars to implement it.

Strange Fruit : Short Film About Racism

A father and  his son peaceful day routine is interrupted by an encounter with a strange boy of a different colour.

New Type Planet Discovered By Astronomers : Kepler 10c.

The announcement of the detection of a rocky planet that weighs 17 times as Earth did today astronomers of Harvard observatory within a conference of the American Society of Astronomy.

Anti-FIFA Graffiti Fill the Streets of Brazil.

A few days remaining from the start of the World Cup, nonetheless residents in Brazil are strongly expressed that they do not want to take place in their country . The Government has spent many billions  for a sporting event,…