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I am a co-creator and author of Truth Inside Of You. I study computer science and I love spending my time listening to music and exploring the Web seeking information. I also like reading books and daydreaming for a better world.

15 Sketches Showing the True Face of Our World Today.

Stephan Schmitz is a talented artist from Switzerland. His works impressed us with its depth and symbolism.

12 Gorgeous Illustrations That Capture The Sensual Side Of Love

Light touches, dreamy eyes and soft sighs … What exactly will you find in the sketches of Zipcy.

Beautiful Images From The Last Human Tribes On Earth.

Armed with his photographic camera and with affection for the tribes of the world, the British photojournalist Jimmy Nelson traveled for years to the ends of the Earth, seeking to meet and to immortalize, the origins of the human species,…

This Man Built Handheld TESLA GUN – Watch at 28,000 FPS.

Youtuber Destin Sandlin, host of the channel Smarter Every Day presents a Tesla gun, the existence of which most of us associate with the name of the famous physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla, but hardly imagined that it could be…

Ray Allen Finally Retired With A Letter To His 13-Year-Old Self.

Ray Allen, one of the top three-point shooters in NBA history, aged 41 years formally announced his withdrawal from the racing action. The veteran guard, who won two NBA championships with the Celtics (2008) and the Heat (2013), wrote a…

Black Man Stopped By Cop, Who Then Drives Him 100 Miles To His Little Sister’s Funeral.

A police officer helped this grieving man make it home to his family instead of arresting him.

Diego: A Giant Tortoise Who Fathered 800 Children and Rescued the Genre from Demise.

Diego is over 100 years old and he is responsible, in large part that the giant tortoises of the Galapagos Islands no longer threatened with extinction.

Ohio: Police released shocking photos and trigger a social media debate.

In a controversial move that caused a variety of opinions, Ohio police released shocking images of two parents who are seating in a catatonic state from heroin use, while in the back seat is their 4-year old child.