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Only 1 in 4 People Can See All the Colors: Do the Test!

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  1. David says:

    I’m a vision scientist who has a specialty in color perception. This is 100% wrong and should be taken down. You are just propagating misinformation.

  2. Jonah (staff) says:

    Hello David, thanks a lot for informing as so… We will search it and if you are right we will take it down immediatelly. Thanks for contacting us! Jonah – TruthInsideOfYou staff

  3. Julie Kay Kelley says:

    You say that there are only 39 shades but you are wrong..the lines that separate the shades are different shades compared to the shades they are connected to so I would consider those to be individual shades as well.. I agree with David.. Your full of it…

  4. Elan Marshall says:

    44 bars each a different shade and I counted on 3 different monitors the statement that there are only 39 shades is false, In my opinion.

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