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Only 1 in 4 People Can See All the Colors: Do the Test!

  • David

    I’m a vision scientist who has a specialty in color perception. This is 100% wrong and should be taken down. You are just propagating misinformation.

    • Jonah (staff)

      Hello David, thanks a lot for informing as so… We will search it and if you are right we will take it down immediatelly. Thanks for contacting us! Jonah – TruthInsideOfYou staff

  • Julie Kay Kelley

    You say that there are only 39 shades but you are wrong..the lines that separate the shades are different shades compared to the shades they are connected to so I would consider those to be individual shades as well.. I agree with David.. Your full of it…

  • Elan Marshall

    44 bars each a different shade and I counted on 3 different monitors the statement that there are only 39 shades is false, In my opinion.