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The Best Job Interview Answer Ever. This Man Just Nailed It!!

  • genius

  • haha!:)) doubtlessly the wisest response!

  • Although his friend is not insured to drive his car

    • He might be. He could have driving other cars under his own policy or owner of car might have an open driving policy

      • TracyC0

        If he had a car why is he waiting for the bus?

        • Ah Jaysus

          Let’s not over-analyse it eh.

    • And let’s hope he can drive too

    • U can save 15% by switching to GEICO 🙂

      • Mr.nutbuster

        So easy a caveman could do it

      • Elizabeth


    • RSA

      He’s insured in Canada.

    • cisco7819

      What day is it?

  • Love this!

  • Great thinking

  • Brilliant answer!

  • I loved this one

  • Obvious answer in the question.

  • Chrystal Mohini

  • great answere , to be able to trust someone that much to let them drive your vehicle would be the greatest feeling ever , i hope to beable to have this much trust very soon with my better half francine , i just wish i could have came up with his answere of giving his keys to his old friend , maybe some day when my parents stop causing me stress i will beable to relax my mind long enough to think about what should be thought about and not what they force me to think about , i just have a very hard time handling stressful situations

  • My husband came up with the answer immediately

  • Top gear! He’s trusting, caring and sweet in that order! I want to be the friend, the old lady or the dream girl…how i wish! 😀

  • Reece Gilbert

  • Josh Weaver

    Very sweet for sure but the dilemma wasn’t who to give your car keys to, was it?

  • Miss Emma

    So ignore the question? He had to choose ONE, and say who he would give a ride to. That was the task. In many jobs doing what asked to do is crucial.
    He chose a solution that meant he did not give a ride to anyone.
    Yes, think outside of the box, but there are a lot of jobs that mean the best applicant is the one who does what is asked, even if we love that they do it with flair.
    Yes, we want people who can solve multiple issues with creativity, but the best applicant would have said ‘If told to ONLY choose one, and that I had to drive one, I would do this…’ HOWEVER I like to think outside the box and help as many as possible, so this is what I would do..
    So reliable – but also able to use initiative:-)

  • Or take out a deck of cards and play solitaire….Somebody else will ALWAYS come along and help!

  • Henry Levy

    there are 5 good answers, and his one was the first only.
    say 2 bears are 50 yards away; i take the lady 10 times faster than the bears to 100 yards distance, when I’m back the bears are 30 yards I take my friend to same distance and when back and take the girl the bears are still 10 yards away.
    another answer- all get into the car but stay either till the bus comes or the bears give up.
    forth answer- I call the police.
    fifth- let my friend take the old lady to a hospital and break into the nearest parking car and take my gift away.
    anything else?


  • I would have had the job. 🙂 The only differences in my answer was, I thought I would have walked and talked with her.

  • Great

  • Haha. You’re assuming the woman of your dreams would appreciate standing at the bus stop in the storm with you.

    • KillerBeeZ

      He assumed nothing, the woman of his dreams was already waiting for the bus, so she is no worse off… but since she just saw the act of kindness she showed to his friend and the old lady, she may warm up to waiting with him more.

      • meeeau

        Yeah but now she can blame him for not taking her in the car. She is woman of guy’s dream, he isn’t her’s.

        • Andrea

          I would appreciate the fact he is willing to wait in the rain and happy that he got the old lady out of the rain and to the hospital. Shows compassion, consideration, and a good heart.

  • My answer exactly

  • I love it !

  • Beautiful!

  • Great

  • Great!

  • He is a “smarty pants”

  • Good answer

  • Sencillamente: genial!!

  • Great but the question ask which person YOU Would take Whit you not who youre Best friend Will take Whit you but great answer tho

    • Actually it said which would you choose to offer the ride to, it did not stipulate that you had to be the driver and you can offer the ride to the one whom saved your life who then offers a ride to the woman, it is thinking outside the box. Something highly necessary in specific jobs. Often a situation presents where it appears you only have a set option but upon a more abstract assessment you see an alternative that others may not have seen or noticed. Questions like this are actually designed to look for that ability in a person.

    • oke thanks

    • Daniel Mollino the friend saved him twice

  • Excellent!

  • Saw this in a movie recently..

  • saw that coming.

  • Meb Mist Janine Ruiz Villafuerte Jonahmir Faith Rabe

  • Devon Shire

    Seriously, a 4 year old could’ve answered this. If you didn’t know that was the right answer less than a second after reading the question, you’re retarded.

  • Problem solved everyone helped

  • rleakey

    I don’t care your Ethical Dilemma, I am going to pick up the old lady who is going to die!

  • Damon

    Why do we assume the car has only two seats? Why can’t everyone fit in? That being said, if it was a two seater, I would have thought of this too.

  • Smart ! Win win win thinking! hired ….


  • I agree!! That was outstanding!!

  • Funny thing – my first inclination was his response! Hah!

  • Gemma Hunt

  • Good thinking

  • What if the old friend couldn’t drive? Was blind? Had lousy sense of direction? Was under driving age? Didn’t have use of arms or legs? What if the old woman was highly contagious? Too many unknowns. Thank you, Mr. Bossman, but the job is not worth such a stupid interview question. Good day.

    • Ah Jaysus

      Let’s not overanalyse It eh.

  • Lol

  • LOVE the solution… I say it is quite romantic… can’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity…

  • mist42nz

    I have a cellphone. I’ll call an ambulance for the old lady – it’s better than private.
    Chat to the old friend and new friend. A true old friend won’t mind the wait, and someone who qualifies about being perfect person wouldn’t mind waiting or catching up later or riding now.
    Otherwise if ambulance is likely to be too late (remember they have drugs and trained paramedics), possibly drive her – my old friend will appreciate the “pay if forwards” (and not upsetting their plans), and likewise a perfect partner will trust me with their phone number and will appreciate that I give my time and attention to the urgent emergency first.

  • My hubby said he will keep driving

    • Darlene Longo

      I needed that laugh….

  • Ooold as the universe

  • Thought the same, u wanna tell me only 1:200 thought about it ? MACCHE!!

  • As part of a job interview ? BS

  • vaiya, I can remember that’s the question you asked us in BeF interview board 😀 Tanjim Ferdous

  • I have been asking this question for 20 years. I ask it on dates. I can confirm only a handful get the right answer out of hundreds. The vast majority choose to save the old lady. The problem is how Americans view their cars – they represent our freedom. Europeans have a higher success rate.

  • Amazing answer

  • Could he be our president?

    • Ah Jaysus


  • Anthony Nguyen

    The car is a 2 seater.

  • Dominic Johnson

    Imagine a situation that the friend does not know how to drive. In that case what can be the answer. Join the discussion…

    • Alex Villegas

      hahahaha, this is one question i would like to raise too.

  • Nino Hinoguin

    I will entrust the girl of my dreams to my friend. The I will take the old lady to the hospital. I took full responsibility whether she makes it or not.