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I am a co-creator and author of Truth Inside Of You. I study computer science and I love spending my time listening to music and exploring the Web seeking information. I also like reading books and daydreaming for a better world.

These 40 Colorized Photos From The Past Will Blow You Away.

Adding colors considered by many experts of photography a clumsy, amateur intervention, but in the digital age, the tendency to add colors in old black and white photos are more popular than ever.

7 Traits Kids Get From Their Fathers

We all know how genetics work. There are some ‘things’ that children inherit from their fathers and some of their mothers. Although there are things which could just be a lottery system of who gets what, other genes are highly…

Poor People Of Haiti Eat Mud Cookies To Survive.

People around the world die every day from starvation. Wealthier countries waste food with increasing numbers. This is not a guilt trip it’s reality.

Supermoon 2017: The Biggest Full Moon of the Year.

On the 3rd of December will make its appearance the most impressive Supermoon of 2017.

Cancer Patient Wins Lottery Then Finds Out Treatment Working.

A Canadian who fights a long battle with breast cancer had the chance to smile, and even twice.

30 Sketches That Show That Happiness Lies in Small Things in Life.

Even the everyday small things are beginning to look quite pleasant when they involve people who love you.

These Artists Twist Thousands of Rubik’s Cube a Day to Create Massive Murals.

Hungarian Professor Erno Rubik invented the Rubik’s Cube in 1974 and the past 3 decades we use it to exercise the mind and logic.

Baby Hippo Playing with Water in a Video That Will Cheer Your Day.

Meet Fiona, the young hippopotamus who seem not to care at all about the evils of this world. Little Fiona weighs 165 pounds already and is hosted in Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio.