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Blue Bee, One of Florida’s Long Lost Bees, Has Been Rediscovered

For the uninitiated, there is a very specific species of bee called the Osmia calaminthae. These bees are quite bluish in color, but until now were thought to be quite extinct. The blue bee is native to Florida, and interestingly,…

NASA Satellite Images Reveal Dramatic Melting In Antarctica After Record Heat Wave

Antarctica saw a sharp rise in temperature as it touched 64.9 degrees Fahrenheit, earlier in February 2020. This is the highest temperature so far recorded in the continent, equivalent to that of Los Angeles on the same day. NASA has…

In China Animals Trapped Alive Are Sold As Keychains For $1.50

Animals belong in nature. And when we invite them into our families, it is expected we treat them as our own, with love and kindness. But there is an outrageous trend in China doing the rounds which has enraged the…

These 10 Adorable Photos Of Baby Elephants Are Treat For The Eyes

Elephants are generally known for their huge size and an amazingly friendly nature that is not only joyful but also expresses feelings and emotions like that of human beings. They have the ability to express their grief, anger, love, compassion…

A Monkey Adopts A Puppy, Defends It From Stray Dogs And Acts Like Its Natural Parent

In a world where the dominant species seems hell-bent on destroying all other species on earth, it seems that the minor species are left to look after each other. We know that every animal, down to the lowest forms, love…

The Danish Government Bought The Last 4 Circus Elephants So They Can Retire

In order to prevent more animal exploitation, Denmark’s government has bought the last 4 circus elephants. They will ensure that the elephants live the remainder of their lives in peace and relax properly.

Times Humans Respected Mother Nature

Man’s entire journey on this Earth has been a journey from fearing Nature to understanding it and to finally exploiting it in order to fuel his progress. Civilization and its red-haired stepchild, art, have always taken things from Nature and…

Watch How This Capuchin Monkey Sharpened A Rock And Shattered Its Glass Enclosure At The Zoo

It appears like a scene straight out of Planet of the Apes. The monkeys are breaking out of their enclosures. The next thing they might do is take over the world and put us in the enclosures instead.

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