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Your Forgetfulness Is A Sign Of High Intelligence According To Neuroscience

If you are constantly forgetting things and getting rebuked for it, here’s something that’ll get you back on your feet. You can relax and not feel bad or unsure about yourself just because you forget little things. A recent research…

New Study: Semen May Cure The Signs of Depression In Women

Professor of the Psychology Department of Albany University, Gordon Gallup, has recently found out that semen may cure women suffering from depression. According to the study led by him, women who receive semen during intercourse showed lesser symptoms of depression…

Scientists Discover The Best Way To Get Fit And Live Longer Is Dancing

Has it ever happened to you that you decided to carry out several kinds of exercises, and then couldn’t stick to it for a long period of time? It must have. It happens with almost everyone in the world. With…

Science Proves That Silence Is Vital For Our Brains, While Noise Hurts

It is now regular knowledge that a common ancestor of apes and man, a certain medium-sized canopy dweller called Pierolapithecus invented the use of tools, about 12-13 million years ago.

Studies Show That Babysitting Grandkids Increases Your Lifespan

We love our grandparents. After all, when our parents were busy with their work, they were the ones that came to us and told us all those interesting stories. They are a vital part of our lives. But have we…

A Study Explains Why You Might Feel the Urge to Become Pregnant When Your Friend Is Having a Baby

Imagine your best friend is pregnant – what do you feel? Perhaps you’d have a sudden urge to share the experience with your friend.  It’s not something unnatural. Friends have such a major influence on our lives. In a way,…

The Humans Who Came Before Us – 10 Extinct Human Species

Though Homo sapiens are the only species of human beings currently surviving, there were many other species which came before us.

Astrobiologist Cyprien Verseux Cooked At -80 ° C And The Results Are Really Exciting

Cyprien Verseux is an astrobiologist working at the world’s most remote scientific base: the Concordia Antarctic Station. Even the International Space Station, located 400 kilometers above Earth, is closer to civilization than this place.