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Ireland Is Set to Become The First Country to Completely Stop Funding Fossil Fuels.

The Parliament of Ireland passed a bill with 90 votes to 53 which can make the government withdraw all funds for fossil fuels from their Ireland Strategic Investment Fund which is currently worth eight billion Euros or $8.6 billion. This…

This Soul-Crushing Video of a Starving Polar Bear Reminds Us Global Warming Is Destroying Wildlife.

Recently a video has surfaced on the internet of a starving polar bear looking for food around the dry land. The video is from Canada’s Baffin Islands.

How Does It Feel to Be Inside a Tornado?

Have you ever wondered how it is to endure one of the most extreme natural phenomena like being inside a tornado?

A Giant, Mysterious Hole Appeared in the Marine Glaciers of Antarctica.

A giant and mysterious hole was detected in marine glaciers of Antarctica.

Hurricane Irma ‘Sucks’ The Water From The Bahamas Coast in This Strange Phenomenon!

Hurricane Irma has left indelible marks, from the places that passed, but a video posted on twitter, has provoked awe, as it shows the power of the hurricane can change the form of the oceans!

You Will Want To Recycle Everything After Seeing These Photos!

From oil spills to overflowing landfills, man’s unsustainable quest to live a better life with little regard for the environment has caused a staggering amount of environmental disasters to be formed. At present, pollution is labeled to be the #1…

China’s New Huge National Park Protects Pandas, Tigers and Leopards.

If you’re looking for a complex nation, China is your place. Now, to make if even more complex, China is building a huge national park. The park will be built in a U.S. style format and designed to house endangered…

Man Notices A Strange Hole In This Lake, So He Gets a Drone, Flies It Inside, and Captures This.

California’s Napa County is well known for its wine industry and beautiful scenery. Between its lush green rolling hills and wildflower covered valleys, it easily ranks among one of the most naturally picturesque places in America. There is so much…