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Secret Penguin Kingdom Found Thanks To Images From Space

Scientific Reports, a journal that is published by NASA recently published a story about finding a secret penguin kingdom in Antarctica. The journal states how the orbiting satellite found guano, penguin poop. The kingdom is near the northern end of…

The Last of a Kind: The Death of Africa’s Last Male White Rhino

Yesterday came the end of the last male White Rhino in the world. His name was Sudan and he lived out his last days in Kenya, in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, surrounded by armed guards to protect him from poachers. He…

20 Photos Which Prove That Nature Doesn’t Care About What People Want

Nature could very well be the next Michael McIntyre, considering how well it plays a joke on humanity. It might be completely unintentional, but who’s to say that nature isn’t having a little bit of fun with us, messing with…

20 Beautiful Baby Animals You’ve Probably Never Seen

Even if you are an animal lover, you may have encountered only a few of the 1,367,555 species found on Earth. But do not let this disturb you. Think of all the interesting creatures that have not yet been discovered!…

Ireland Is Set to Become The First Country to Completely Stop Funding Fossil Fuels.

The Parliament of Ireland passed a bill with 90 votes to 53 which can make the government withdraw all funds for fossil fuels from their Ireland Strategic Investment Fund which is currently worth eight billion Euros or $8.6 billion. This…

This Soul-Crushing Video of a Starving Polar Bear Reminds Us Global Warming Is Destroying Wildlife.

Recently a video has surfaced on the internet of a starving polar bear looking for food around the dry land. The video is from Canada’s Baffin Islands.

How Does It Feel to Be Inside a Tornado?

Have you ever wondered how it is to endure one of the most extreme natural phenomena like being inside a tornado?

A Giant, Mysterious Hole Appeared in the Marine Glaciers of Antarctica.

A giant and mysterious hole was detected in marine glaciers of Antarctica.