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Strange Sounds Recorded In Mariana Trench Could Be New Whale Species.

A haunting sound was discovered between 2014 and 2015 – during an exploratory mission to the Mariana Trench. The recordings were further analyzed, and it was concluded that the strange noise was that of baleen whales. The findings do not…

California Becomes First State In U.S. To Ban Plastic Bags.

Do you remember in July 2015 when Hawai made headlines across the country because it banned plastic bags? Well, in what is fantastic news for progress, California has followed this approach and banned the use sale of plastic bags itself.

IKEA Surprises Customers By Recreating Syrian Home In Store.

Syria may be the most significant humanitarian disaster occurring right now, but you’re unlikely to hear about it from mainstream media.

THIS Sickening Reason Is Why You Should NEVER Buy Food From Jimmy John’s Again!

Some companies should be boycotted for various reasons. Jimmy John’s is ABSOLUTELY one of them. And no, this isn’t about many of the issues people are always talking about when it comes to working for Jimmy John’s either. Like the…

TripAdvisor Will No Longer Sell Tickets To Animal Attractions That Perpetuate Cruelty.

One of the world’s largest travel sites announced that it will no longer sell tickets to “attractions” that exploit and put wild or endangered animals at risk.

Trees Can Form Bonds Like an Old Couple and Look After Each Other.

A forester and scientist have been studying communication between trees for decades; their incredible observations can be seen in the new documentary, ‘Intelligent Trees.’

Fukushima: The Extinction-Level Event That No One is Talking About.

March 11, 2011: A massive earthquake of 9.0 magnitude struck off the coast of Japan, triggering a devastating tsunami, which left parts of the country in utter shambles. Official reports claim that 15,891 people lost their lives, 6,152 were injured…

When This Boat Crew Realized What They Were Seeing, It Was Almost Too Late To Escape.

We don’t really think about it on a daily basis, but the Earth is still changing all the time. It just happens so slowly that we can’t really perceive it. But every now and then, things speed up… a lot.