Global Awareness

What Will Happen If You Throw Liquid Nitrogen in Your Face.

  • Richard Mace Anderson

    I had a friend that would blow out a fireball by shooting butane into his mouth and then blowing it out across a flame. He’s dead now. Never made it to age 50. Inhaling butane can trigger a massive heart attack. As long as we have stupid people who will push the envelope and ignore common sense, then we won’t have to test these things on defenseless animals. I’m grateful for that. However, I do worry about kids tempting fate and trying stupid stunts like this just because they saw some irresponsible adult do something crazy on Youtube or Facebook.

  • Conquistadors of the useless

  • Why the heck would anyone want to do this in the first place…stupidity at a whole new level…

  • Not even opening
    How stupid are humans

  • It did literally nothing. He said it felt like walking into a room with a cool breeze. It never actually touches your skin. There’s a repelling force. And anyway it instantly turns into a gas that’s at like room temperature.

  • Did u even wach the Video ? He has bin playin with this stuff for years, he knows the limmits,

  • Deserves to get liquidated

  • Who are we at war with? Isis or people putting this stupid crap on Facebook screwing up children.

  • It will boil off, doubt it would last long enough to freeze anything…

  • Your nose will fall off, don”t try it at home!