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What Is Spiritual Sex?

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  1. It is something sacred. That’s why you’re supposed to save it for marriage.

  2. KrisKristina Ballard

  3. Martin Fano says:

    Sex is NOT sacred! Its how we reproduce….all the other BS we have added over the millenium….to say sex is sin without being married is BS!

  4. Martin Fano says:

    Says who???? The catholic Church???..give me a break…these clowns are into people control by fear and ignorance….the main reason I dumped religion 45 years ago!

  5. Why are you even reading this post? Sexuality is obviously not sacred to you so why do you care what I believe? Catholicism is not the only religion that believes that btw.

  6. I used to have this state of mind but I realized that there is a higher power. I’ve experienced His miracles. You are the ignorant one if you believe that and it shows your lack of respect for women. Science even indicates that there is a God. You can’t make life unless it’s from life itself. So who created us? It had to have been something living and intelligent. A tornado going through a junk yard isn’t going to spit out a perfectly working lambrogini. So why would the “big bang” make a world like this?

  7. But you should do a little more research on the subject before you start posting on here sir.

  8. Chiara says:

    Nice to read your words in this moment of my life when I really feel changing a lot and especially towards sexuality. After 32 years of purely materialistic expression, I need something different and without being aware of it I can see changing my way of being on its own. Thanks for your insight. It is a totally new world to me but starting to live sex in such a deep and intimate way carries its own charm and aura. I guess it is time for some deep love and real feelings after many years of what now looks empty repetitiveness! All the best & I hope to read on more on this. Chiara

  9. Jan Steyn says:

    I implore you to read Wilhelm Reich’s ‘The Function of the Orgasm.’ He was Freud’s portage until he opposed some of Freud’s stated views on some sexual aspects in human behavior. When Reich fled Germany when Hitler came to power he oversaw 40 clinics around Europe that helped people with mental and sexual issues. The clinics all followed Reich’s regimen in what questions the patients were asked. The consultations were recorded and Reich’s earlier statement that regarding sex ‘religious dogma is contrary to human nature’. He also found that +90% of all mental illness stems from neurosis and 100% of neurosis were due to a lack of an orgasm.Reich fled Germany for America where he discovered Orgone in the ether. He found a way to harvest Orgone with his ‘Orgone Accumulator’. He demonstrated lighting up an electric bulb with the potential difference inside the accumulator caused by the harvested orgone. He discovered that Orgone is released into the ether during orgasm. The amount of Orgone released depends exponentially on the amount of love between the partners.Reich started healing cancerous mice and a leading dermatologist wrote an article stating that any doctor that does not use the Orgone Accumulator to treat serious burn wounds should be charged with criminal negligence. This vital energy turns into poison in our bodies if not released. Procreation is second only to survival as primal instinct. It also happens to be the most fun we can have if the couple are both enjoying the act. Reich was obviously seen as a major threat by pharma. For crossing a state line to deliver an Orgone Accumulator without a permit he got hauled in to court for a commercial transgression and sentenced to two years in prison. Shortly before his release from prison Reich suddenly died due to heart failure. The US Government razed his laboratory and incinerated all his research papers and every tape recording they could find. Fortunately most of his published books survived. IMHO Reich’s discoveries on human psyche and the vital role of orgasms therein is more beneficial to our specie than Tesla’s enormous technological contribution. A sailor scince 16yrs i am now 60yrs young. Due to long periods at sea i achieved level ‘Knees buckle in shower’ when i take myself in hand. After reading Reich’s ‘Function….’ i changed my fantasies in the shower from the excitement of the groupies waiting for me backstage after my sellout performance or me as Clint Eastwood getting lucky with a Hollywood Star to making LOVE to single females i have met. For me orgasmic release became more ecstatic and the satisfied glow afterwards lasts much longer. Never forget that all Christians take a vow when getting married to have sex only with the spouse ’till death do us part…with God as our witness. Even after divorce any sexual union is breaking a vow we made with God as our witness. The guilty feeling for breaking the marriage vow some of us brings with to sex after divorce is a major handicap for the growth of a new relationship. Look for Wilhelm Reich on You Tube. .

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