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The Man Who Shocked The World: Cancer Can Be Cured In 3 Minutes [Must Watch]

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  1. “Never trust a guy with a beard”

  2. Nicholas J. Vivanco Marly Mar

  3. Seriously dangerous witchcraft giving false hope.

  4. Marty Gray says:

    The garbage just keeps flowing doesn’t it , this guy , con artists with their health foods . One fact remains there is NO CURE for cancer yet

  5. Steve Jobs must have missed that boat! Never trust a person who keeps repeating themselves and wears a beard.

  6. Of course there’s cure for cancer but not everyone has access to it.

  7. Marty Gray says:

    Verified proof & truth & you’ve got me

  8. of course there is a cure for cancer but not everyone can afford it

  9. Sylk Silcox says:

    That is so true, I have done it.

  10. Where do you have land for sale

  11. Truth beyond convention.

  12. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was true,,

  13. I believe that a positive mind cures several things. If you tell your brain that you are tired, you become tired. If you tell your mind you eat unhealthy food even if its healthy, you can get fat…

  14. Ryn Duncan says:

    Buuuuuuullllllllll*deep breath*shiiiiittttttt

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