Some Say That A Finer Dog Video Had Never Been Made. What Do You Think?

Facebook might be many things, but lately, it has become one of the biggest stress-busters in my life. And no, like the case usually, people are not the reason there. The reasons rather are the cat and dog video strewn…

Bully Pushes A Nice Guy In New York Streets And He Instantly Regrets It

You know how they say that there is nothing better than laughter? That laughter is the best medicine? Yes, all of that is true. Even science agrees. Studies have proved that if someone laughs or even smiles, hormones like dopamine…

Man Passes Out During Sky Swing And His Girlfriend Find It Hilarious

There are a few things as exciting as a sky swing fair ride in life but getting on these rides takes serious courage and a good stomach. You never know what goes down at those heights. These rides may seem…

This Is Exactly How Society Kills Creativity – In A Breathtaking Short Film.

Be it an adult or a child everybody has their own life and we all need to cope up with our society at different stages of our life. Children are jovial and playful by nature. They don’t understand all the…

Explorer Photographs a Rare White Moose He Found After Three Years of Search.

An explorer, searched for three years for signs of a rare species of white moose in Sweden, eventually he found the animal.

This is the Most Detailed Map of the Universe to Date.

This is the most detailed map of our universe. It spans more than 500 million light-years and contains more then 100,000 galaxies.

World Deaf Day: Short film about this deaf and mute artist has a lesson for all.

On the occasion of World Deaf Day, Percept Pictures has come up with a heartwarming documentary on a differently-abled sketch artist who may not have a voice, but speaks volumes through his bright smile and sketch pad.