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The First Human-Pig Hybrid Has Been Successfully Created.

The first human-pig hybrid has been successfully created.
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  1. Susan B Eddy says:

    what if the pig/human hybrid learns to communicate with us and is unhappy with being locked in a cage to harvest organs? what if the cute little hybrids are mistreated and are miserable because of us, the greedy self serving self-centered human being? I propose an ethical code of conduct be developed before we go too far down an evil path.

  2. Ejona Alizoti Barjami says:

    This is a time of darkness and ignorance,they are creating the kind of animals that were created before the flood in Atlantide

  3. You mother fuckers are stupid says:

    This is so fake its so painfull to even see others get fooled.

  4. Pierson Valenzona says:

    its real.its a pig with human organs

  5. Pierson Valenzona says:

    it literally just has human organs so that organs will be more available for people who need them for transplants.grow up and stop being such an idiot.

  6. Gaël Millet says:

    AND HOW THE HELL WOULD THEY LEARN TO DO THAT ? I mean they basically just modified some of their organs ….if you are going to comment on a scientific article then have a scientific approach . I mean do you know how difficult it would be to modify a pig’s brain to the point where it could understand human speech ? It’s nearly impossbile and I’m saying nearly because I’m taking in account possible future discoveries . So stop saying crap and stop being in the way of science and for pete’s sake they’re doing this to save lives . Do you have any regrets after eating a slice of ham ? no ,well then don’t complain about them creating some organs for others . ugh

  7. carlacoffman says:

    what do pig eyes normally look like? I’ve never looked at one up close before.

  8. susan faccone says:

    The never ending quest to meet the demand of people afraid of death.

  9. Lorna Hayne says:

    Well being a vegetarian, I am saying ugh,no I don’t eat meat, I think pigs are absolutely wonderful animals,very I am therefore against this type of meddling with nature!

  10. Iryna Dolina says:

    that’s simply God-awful!

  11. Gaël Millet says:

    So you’d rather die over a pig and have other people, who have families and such, die too ?
    Because a pig (which ,let’s face it , is gonna die in a matter of months anyway ) ‘s life has the same value as a human’s to you ?

  12. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    People have been using pig organs as transplants for quite awhile now. Did this cause someone to start squealing and kicking every time someone picked them up? Nope. Speaking of a “greedy self serving self-centered human being” if more people donated organs after death, pig transplants wouldn’t be needed. But for now, this is what is working. Same for pigs. A pig will never have a human brain. End of story. This will ending up saving more human lives, because selfish people think that they can take working organs to the grave with them, when they die in the name of some dumbshit religion. Just stop being selfish.

  13. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    Then donate your organs. People need them when you’re no longer here.

  14. Michael Mauck says:

    Humans did not evolve from Apes,,,,,, Humans degraded devolved to APES..

  15. Amy L. Cook says:

    Apparently the “scientific approach” includes hurling insults at people to try and make yourself look smarter. LMAO

  16. Ezrovernum says:

    That picture is fake as hell. The article never mentions that such hybrid was actually born. It says “soon, such a hybrid will be successful and able to survive”, which means that, right now, the pig wouldn’t stand a chance after being born.

  17. Eduardo Gómez Benavides says:

    are u r e t a r d e d ?

  18. Terence J Riess says:

    I propose the exact opposite. If you can create human organs do it. People need them the list of how many need kidneys alone…. Its far more ethical to create 1 pig chop out all its organs and give them to MANY humans to save and improve their lives. We can create a monument to the great sacrifice of these test tube miracles of modern science. Next time lets engineer them without frontal lobes there your concerns of how it feels should end.

  19. RandomDev says:

    This could allow for animal surrogates which would be a huge boon for men as a means to end feminism once and for all.

  20. Rob Ball says:

    This is a dangerous path.

  21. Hanny Tunks Horstink says:

    NO!!!!!!! HELL NO!!!!!

  22. Joshua Freeman says:

    Bacon tho

  23. Shane Morrow says:

    Wow. Makes me think of a Bible seminar I went to in the early 80ies. Revelations was interrupted as mixing man with animals having the cry of man within them. Looking like animals, yet mans spirit dominating the two being called inhuman.
    Grasshopper type flyers with man falling down underneath them, I think after the second seal, not sure, its been a long time.

  24. Vildana Vicky says:

    Too many humans are already turned into pigs, so whats the point of this? Arent there more important things to research…..

  25. brendankiwi says:

    Gael Millet. God loves you and calls you back to Him. Honest, you NEED right now, without delay take stock of the hurt inside and reflect deeply so as to not let it shape your philosophy. I say this because I care enough, and the truth is whats important

  26. brendankiwi says:

    lay off Gael. again I say we do what IS POSSIBLE. But this is morally impossible. I could save you by implanting a brain from a goat..but would that be ethical. I could save you by taking out your little beating heart then implanting a kinder one.. but we must work with what we have eh?

  27. brendankiwi says:

    Oh Niggide, piggidy niggide pig…oh sing to thee the mighty piggidy. lol I dont know who named you but it was definitely not over a baptismal font. Niggie whatever wrong your parents committed and if it started with your name, there is a place for you in the world! For now, my prayers for you as you must endure religious people in this life. Never mind hope abounds in the afterlife— lots of flesh eating hedonists and its pig roast galore!

  28. Anonymous1 says:

    This nonsense originates underground, and this isn’t really the first has stated in this article.

    Do your homework about secret underground bases they are so willing to kill over. If they’re willing to kill you then they’re doing some awfully bad stuff and therefore have something to hide. It’s not so secret anymore now that former workers who worked on the inside have spoken up and the stories are shockingly similar. It’s one thing to know what’s going on around you and be aware of your surroundings, but if you don’t know what’s going on beneath you then you don’t know everything that’s going on. Every citizen regardless of their country should know what’s going on under them as well as around them. Do your homework and find out what’s really going on. When you start doing your research, you may actually be so shocked your jaw will drop wide open. To those of you who don’t want to know, that’s up to you, it’s your business if you want to be stupid and bury your head in the sand but don’t come crying to us when something happens later on because you didn’t want to know. There’s stuff going on you should know about so you’re not caught off guard later. Knowledge is power and power is prevention, Don’t let no one dumb you down, firmly stand your ground and don’t back down

  29. Dan Atom says:

    Already we can teach monkeys to communicate using coloured cards!! Gael Millet -you are a uneducated twit!

  30. Anonymous1 says:

    I’ve been researching some stuff to see if some of the stuff I heard is really true and it looks like it is. Follow this link, this is really not the first as this article declares

  31. Anonymous1 says:

    Strongly agreed, and I must say this is not the first, either. See for yourself and do your own research. If you want to know what’s really going on, go for the stories told by a former inside workers. One good source is Phil Schneider

  32. That reminds me of the statement that Jesus made in the Gospels; in that the days of His return would be as the days of Noah were (Matthew 24:37) (Luke 17:26).

  33. Chrystal Myghty says:

    Wrong – Steve Bannon is the first pig-human hybrid.

  34. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    I have no idea what point you are trying to convey. I take it that third grade wasn’t your strong suit.

  35. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    So is religion.

  36. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    More like life extension. Everyone dies in the end.

  37. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    Wow really? Of coarse the picture isn’t real. The idea of cloning organs is real though.

  38. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    First of all, human emotions come from the brain, which works like a computer. When you cut the computer off it ceases to function. If you implanted a goat brain into a person which is physically impossible this day in age. It would still be a goat. And by the way, who are you to say what is ethical. Saving lives is pretty ethical to me, and I don’t have to be brainwashed by some silly religion to have morals and actually love the people that I care about. If you even care about humanity you would support at least some research on this issue. Why even complain about research when you could give your same silly argument at the meat dept. at a grocery store.

  39. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    “Already we can teach monkeys to communicate using coloured cards!!” Your post is proof!

  40. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    Sometimes I hurt inside, but it’s more of an oiled plug shoved into my anus kind of hurt. I like to reflect on things as well sometimes when I poop. Maybe it’s just the heathens coming forth from my anus.

  41. Michael Fisher says:

    Say you have a pig’s lung now; would you eat bacon anymore or wouldn’t that be cannibalism? HA then you’d be living up to your name, PIG!

  42. Shane Andrews says:

    you should die

  43. Shane Andrews says:

    all sentient life is both precious and equal… except for the lives of those who only consider their own

  44. Shane Andrews says:

    vegetarian why? do you have no concern for cows, chickens and all of the other animals you deliberately choose to exploit?

  45. Shane Andrews says:

    you should breathe less, much less

  46. Shane Andrews says:

    do not breed… or interact

  47. Shane Andrews says:

    monkeys could teach you a great deal, but you are too arrogant & ignorant to learn

  48. Shane Andrews says:

    there is no god, it is 2017… how can you be so incredibly backwards and unintelligent? your lack of ethics is a choice and is also inexcusable

  49. Jan Janssen says:

    At this point humans are the pestilence of the planet, we have polluted, irradiated and poisoned just about the entire earth and killed off so many species that we are the threat to the planet not the animals. They should make human hybrids to save the pigs and not vice versa. The pig deserves to live more on this planet that man only destroys.

  50. Cheryl says:

    Why isn’t it made compulsory that everyone has to donate their organs when they die instead of making human/pig hybrids?

  51. Cheryl says:

    How about getting organs from humans before they die instead!

  52. Sui Nakigai says:

    Pigs live for many years.. Not months. And it also has a family.

  53. Moshe Goldfingers says:

    Do you even know what an insult is?

  54. Karina Veveris says:

    Even without being able to tell us in words that they do not want to be locked in cages and suffer unimaginable torture it obvious. Animals are sentient beings.

  55. Fred Blogg says:

    So is a hybrid human/pig a Puman or a Hig?? Pmsllll

  56. Gaël Millet says:

    you do realize a pig and a monkey are pretty different now ? Perhaps I’m mistaken but are you implying that a pig has the same brain capacity as a monkey ? Sadly for you I do think their brain are quite different .

  57. Jesse Hilliard says:

    This is playing Against God’s Genious Design, DNA Code. It will fail, because we are Humane and we won’t make that DNA perfect. Maybe the pigs will outsmart us and escape from the lab and cause havoc. That would teach the Scientist a Lesson. That you can’t be as smart as The Lord God. Then maybe they would get sued and get bankrupt and cause them to shut down their Playing as if they are The Lord God Project. I will love it if the pigs out smart the scientists that has them caged up and the escape. That will teach Scientists not to try to mess with the perfectly made DNA Code. Like they say what goes around comes around. The Lord God won’t be Mocked. we will eventually see on the News that the Men made DNA Creatures turning against The Scientists that Created them. Because Scientists will make them to smart. Because The DNA will continue to Progress and Evolve. Because Only The Lord God can make DNA that only Evolves when He wants it to Evolve. When we make DNA it will Evolve when it wants to Evolve. It will get to Advanced to quickly. Because we won’t be able to control when or how it Evolves. Because us Humans are not that Intelligent to be able to tell DNA when or how to Evolve. It will fail!

  58. James Bennett says:

    its amazing and possibly the most irresponsible thing this species has ever done but amazing nonetheless just wondering what happens if it works and the human/pig creature has a intelligence on a level close to us if not as much as us then what happens this experiment could have outcomes that surprise everyone involved.

  59. Kellie Casey-McCullough says:

    “Controversial?” How far are they going to go! What percentage of human DNA constitutes that the creature is human enough to have constitutional & legal rights? According to the constitution, all men are “created equal.” Did they address their ethical values at all in this? They are doing things now just because they CAN do them – not because benefits outweigh risks. My other huge concern is the AI robots “EMs” that are being created.

  60. Dan Atom says:

    Pigs are smarter than your smartest dog!! And are a hell of a lot smarter than Niggie E Jenkins!!! Either way -It can still be taught things unlike YOU.

  61. Dan Atom says:

    So you think I’m communicating with you now with coloured cards do you? You should get off the drugs you idiot.

  62. Ramón Estrada says:

    They already do hate being locked in cages so their entire bodies can be harvested for food, and they’ve been known to go insane from being confined. Sooo…where are you ethics then, Susan?

  63. M Chapman says:

    Well, firstly, no need to get so defensive. People have the right to their opinion. From what you are saying, your focus is on saving human lives which is a very fair basis. At the same time, considering that science and it’s meddling with Genetics has been linked with organ failure, the FDA not testing copious amounts of drugs that are freely on the market causing physical and intellectual issues (and the list goes on and is freely available if you look for it), science really may not be the saviour after all.

  64. M Chapman says:

    WELL SAID!!!!

  65. M Chapman says:

    Exploit? Can you elaborate on that? Coming from my perspective, you are being presumptuous and I would prefer to understand your previous question.

  66. Tina C. Thomas says:

    they worship the devil. that’s how they know genetic coding

  67. Tina C. Thomas says:

    pigs are God’s garbage cans, They are for filth clean up and vessels to house demons and unclean spirits. never to be eaten

  68. Tina C. Thomas says:

    Same old song and dance. No matter what anyone says about anything no matter the subject it becomes a fight by design. Just straight up hate and hurt always being pushed and spread like butter all over any discussion about anything. Humans can’t just discuss things without the hate? We can work together but satan forbids respect and decency toward each other. Face to face discussions don’t sound like this. Humans don’t need fixed, we need off this ride. I can tell you one thing, all this human hatefulness is not gonna get into heaven and neither is a swine.

  69. Beth Aaron says:

    The pathology of this is as ancient and perverse as what has manifest from humans domesticating wild animals as food, property, the foundation of industrial disposable economics. First they domesticated animals, then an agriculture machine was born using their bodies and secretions for food and profit. Then human organs responded with every so called chronic disease from putting animal flesh, dairy, acidic proteins inside them which gave rise to the current medical empire of drugs, devices, profit driven health care companies that further exploit non-human beings whose bodies are considered property. How can any system be more perverse than eating what causes disease and using the very beings for replacement organs because humans are just too dumbed down, manipulated and ignorant to SEE that their own eating habits cause their organs to fail! It’s dark of any nation to promote a concept of food and nutrition that leads to disease, unspeakable animal suffering and an environmental crisis bearing down fron animal agribusiness… Science and biotechnology have NO moral compass and this is pathology on steroids, considering the real cure for organ failure is eating a plant based diet…The plant based medical community knows very well, that natures best medicine is found in plant based nutrition. Always has been… Using pigs like this or any sentient being, is, in and of itself, part of the disease.

  70. Beth Aaron says:

    The Gd I experience is the LIFE FORCE and universal life frequency of all that live, breath, and make up our earth. Every living being is part of the LIFE FORCE. Gd resides in every being from the smallest to the largest. Humans, sadly, need some external Gd to keep them grounded and appeased.. When I see the flowers of every color in the field, I see Gd. When I see a mother deer and her fawn, I see Gd. When I see piglets playing or a mother horse with her foal, I see Gd. When I look at organized religion, and the damage it does, I see clinging to dogma and false prophets while the true Gd in all of Creation, another word for environment, is crapped upon in a disposable consumer idol worshiping society addicted to the false Gd of $$$. Flowers, animals, marine life, food that grows from the miracle of the nutrients in the ground, combined with sunlight and water…That, to me, is where Gd lives. Look at the color of flowers!!!Using animals in this way is a perversity of Gdly intent since the reason for organ failure is eating their dead bodies and food-like substances, also made in science labs. But our moral retardation clearly wanes compared to our technological advances, most obscenely cruel, like this one..

  71. Raf Linux says:

    if all atheist become donnors the problem is solved

  72. Karinneke Envyme says:

    when the day comes you have to choose to live or die I don’t think many will let the pig live

  73. chris says:

    Its disgraceful

  74. This is SICK! Does anyone remember a Movie from a few years ago, where the theme was harvesting human organs? This is a slippery slope, I’m tellin’ you people! I’m praying this is a hoax! The Russians know definitely how to scare us!

  75. Gaël Millet says:

    Fair point and a sound person at last .

  76. M Chapman says:

    So, because it is 2017, somehow God is dead. Apparently science is the answer now even though science keeps changing it’s mind. Each to their own but based on what I know, have seen, experienced, I would rather place my bet on something called ‘God’ which science is still to disprove. As for evolution, well… science is still searching for answers and continues to get it wrong. Makes you question the concept of intelligence.

  77. Ruth Mackie says:

    So that photo is false? The one of the piglet with a human eyeball?

  78. Jamie says:

    The First Human-Pig Hybrid Has Been Successfully Photoshopped.

  79. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    You’re mad. 😉

  80. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    Ok, start by you removing yourself from this planet.

  81. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    A family that is very delicious.

  82. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    No he just sucks at trolling. Everything he posts is a one liner.

  83. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    And you **** your brother. That’s how you don’t know what community college looks like.

  84. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    You might have colored paper taped to the keyboard for all I know, but that’s a large leap. The most logical answer would be that you have an interpreter using flash cards like Koko the gorilla’s trainer, to help convey the said trainer’s interpreted opinion of what you actually said.

  85. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    I would eat bacon and it would taste wonderful.

  86. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    Not giving the time of day to anything that contains Youtube sources.

  87. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    Do not (insert random reddit insult.) 3/10.

  88. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    That reminds me of when I saw Lord of the Rings.

  89. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    Cool story. Which scripture tells the story of God busting out that DNA Code? I would literally drop everything I am doing right now to see it.

  90. You know, back when I was 18 I worked as a projectionist for a multiplex and (back when movies still came on 35mm reels, in cans) built and previewed The Two Towers, before the official release date the next day.

    Quite a cool experience watching the opening scene with Gandalf and the dragon, with no one but a couple of fellow employees and full Dolby Surround Sound roaring in the auditorium.

  91. Niggie E Jenkins says:

    The movie was so long that they had to have restroom and snack breaks.

  92. As I recall, it was one of the biggest films that I’d ever built (came on 9 full reels).

    The longest film I ever had to build as a projectionist was a movie called Gods & Generals, which was over 4 hours long; the only film we ever had where a 15 minute intermission was included in the feature (since the full film, itself, was too large to fit on a single plater in the projector booth).

  93. Charles Kafka says:

    This is not good..
    no thought of consequences

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