12 Times Humans Respected Mother Nature

Man’s entire journey on this Earth has been a journey from fearing Nature to understanding it and to finally exploiting it in order to fuel his progress. Civilization and its red-haired stepchild, art, have always taken things from Nature and…

Fortnite CEO Buys Forests To Prevent Them Being Chopped Down

Tim Sweeney is the man we should all aspire to become. He is the creator of the addictive game, Fortnite, which is probably one of those games which you already have on your gaming console. But Fortnite is not the…

7 Photos That Shows The Truth About Global Warming

In recent times, more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of global warming and climate change and the fact that we are destroying our planet too fast.

A Plastic-Eating Fungus Found At A Landfill Site In Pakistan

The increasing environmental problem due to extensive use of plastics and other non-biodegradable elements have lately been a major concern throughout the world. Plastics being one of the most hazardous components seem to have no substantial end to its use…

Look Inside This National Geographic Magazine to Know the Horrifying Truth Behind It

In a recent campaign initiated by a National Geographic magazine, shocking news has been revealed about our environment. The campaign named Planet or Plastic? is an awareness drive towards recognizing the damage caused due to overuse of plastic.

This Man Planted A Tree Every Day For Four Decades And Changed This Island

Majuli is in danger of disappearing forever. The biggest river island on this Earth, it now less than half of what it was just half a century ago. Experts say that the river will completely consume it by 2040.