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Students Create Gloves That Turn Sign Language Into Speech.

Students create gloves that turn sign language into speech1
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  1. Cool. Amber Castens straks bedenk/maak jij misschien ook wel zulke mooie dingen!

  2. Warren Smith says:

    Wonderful idea cheers but whilst you get rich. How does little Mary down the street afford to by your new hi tech gloves. That’s your true challenge. How do you deliver your product to the under privileged as most of them are?

  3. Yes, this should be affordable for all deaf people via health insurance

  4. Le Smitty says:

    How wonderful! What a blessing of communication! I trust someone will join in with the same creative spirit and figure out how to convince the insurance companies that this is truly a must-have coverage.

  5. Kim Conway says:

    This will change the lives of millions. God bless you both. You are the light at the end of the tunnel.

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