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Device Inside the Ear Translates Languages in Real Time!

Device inside the ear translates languages in real time!
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  1. The Truth says:

    FREE YOUR MIND!! Tired of Mainstream New’s?? We report on new’s that Isn’t Reported on by the Mainstream Media.

  2. Zdenek Ruzek says:

    So now people will go completely lazy.
    They’ve done away with reading, writing and math, and now they’ll do away even with learning another language!
    What’s next on the chopping block?

  3. How does it allow you to reply back when the other person isn’t wearing one?

  4. Tamara Elias says:

    I’m actually not happy about this because my son is a Japanese language major and after college hopes to get a job using his skill with the language. I guess technology continues to make jobs obsolete.

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