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Scientists From Germany Show That Water Has Memory. This Video Blows My Mind.

Water Has Memory
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  1. Individual water droplets as individual as each snow flake, as each individual’s finger print. How amazing is that? Part of quantum psysics, everything is connected to everything. We are truly all apart of the One. Beautiful and mind expanding.

  2. Seems like a stretch to me. If you put a flower into water, some of the molecules of the flower will escape into the water, thus changing the structure a minute amount. Different flowers will of course, ‘leak’ different substances.

  3. Louis Semaan says:

    remember when it was clean ….

  4. This would indeed be quite amazing if were actually science and actually true. See:

  5. Mary Lytle says:

    Dr. Masuru Emoto (pardon my spelling.) knew this. Read his book, The Hidden Messages in Water.

  6. Marty Gray says:

    If I believed it I would say , well well well water you know about that , but I find that sort of water a bit too hard to swallow

  7. Sue Jager says:

    WOW , pretty amazing!

  8. On some level, all matter has memory. Some psychics for example are able to connect to the memory of any object.

  9. Paula Mono says:

    So, when the Tibetan monks do a ceremony, they place part of their mandalas in a water source to eventually flow back to the oceans. Wonder what effect the different mandalas have? Ultimate Compassion was done in Yakima, WA. In 1996…

  10. Sainte Jade says:

    Is this really a “discovery” I mean this goes without saying, it really wasn’t and isn’t a secret that all living things imprint and have memory of some sort.

  11. That’s a good theory.

  12. Tina Kl says:

    Kushtrim Luzhnica Donjeta Luzhnica Drenusha Aurora Lu WOW!!!

  13. Tom Ripley says:

    So, maybe water on the brain is good,

  14. Joyce SY Chu says:

    But Dr Emoto has already written books about this!?

  15. Anton Spirin says:

    this was discovered many years ago and there are already several documentaries about this. One of them is a Russian documentary titled “WATER”. Russian and Japanese scientists have made experiments and documented for the past two or three decades.

  16. Interesting !! Perhaps that’s why all snowflakes are different…

  17. Marc Lupien says:

    Bull!, I want proof, explanations of experiments !!!

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