Scientists Discover how to 'Upload Knowledge to your Brain'
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Scientists Discover how to ‘Upload Knowledge to your Brain’.

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  1. Debra Grange says:

    Leave Peoples brains alone, learn the natural way study, we are not in a science fiction movie & have you yet researched the future of this because you can’t say really any effects this will have until it happens in the future.

  2. Marty Gray says:

    I think they’ve been watching too many science fiction movies

  3. Tina Pagel says:

    I will volunteer for this

  4. Ellis Ralls says:

    Read and study, best old fashion way-DA

  5. Liberal Volunteers available today !!!!!!!!

  6. Jeff Denny says:

    Yes! It’s so simple! A child could do it! (Putting Spock’s brain back)

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