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Science Confirms That People Absorb Energy From Others.

  • yup! I believe this! 🙂

  • And suddenly witches aren’t so crazy after all…..

  • I feel a bad bive on people without geting that close !!!

  • That’s why you have to watch who you have sex with. You can’t just screw anyone and everyone

  • Maybe not this way but some people does really suck my energy

  • emotional vampires. called malignant narcissists.

  • And therefore, some are natural healers for they radiate with the energy of love

  • Ya if you want my energy you can have my aches and pains too.

  • Amara?

  • It’s about time Science is catching up

  • Next time I want to bench press 200kgs all I have to do is get close to a female power lifter , that’s fantastic

  • alan_1969

    I must being absorbing a lot of bad vibes, because my temper is short.

  • Kind’a true 2 weeks ago i visit a friend house the owner of the house is out to another place what i did is sit for a while to talk with her maid after 15mins.i went home i feel dizzy and i feel pain on my shoulders is this bad energy that i got from that person i talk to.

  • Linda McMillan Whited duh

  • Esraa Tarek

  • Desiree NicoLe Haley Rizor Antionette Marie

  • I can feel a persons energy long before they open their mouth…

  • I can take all of your energy if i want

  • Hi girls, as I’ve got too much energy that I don’t need, I would like to share my energy to any girls thru the absorb procedure, Love you all 😉

  • Oyeee Lyonel Pesantes

  • Yes, i always can feel the good vibe and the bad vibe from anyone i met.

  • So to bench press 200kg all I have to do is get close to a female power lifter , that’s fantastic !!!

  • Ashley Weintraub

  • Thank u from r agreeing !

  • Turtle Linda Lindy Truong hehe steal vanellope’s youth

  • True!

  • It is very true that our vibes tremendously attract and distract person we meet. This is complete science known as Aura science.

  • Don Ahmad Abdallah you absorbed a lot of energy

    • do you remmember the film where there is a big guy who take the jenny of people its like this pic

  • Pretty Bear

    These type of people that absorb your energy and drain you are called energy vampires. (Psyche Vampires) They can in the hands of negative people make you very ill. Especially people who play around with black forms of the Dark Arts.

  • Collin Nonapplicable

    I know one way you can definitely absorb energy from a person. By turning them into a turd.