Putin officially declared: George Soros is a wanted man, dead or alive.

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  1. Ben Hawken says:

    Ouch!. At least if your going to insult me, try spelling *** right!. Bell end!.

  2. Don’t be afraid to start over. It’s a new chance to rebuild things. This time better. The way you want it. — Unknown.

  3. Ben Hawken says:

    Doesn’t Soros look like David Rockefeller? .

  4. Hey, his war on terror is starting with the guys funding it, the head terrorists; Soros, Buffet, Rothschild, etc

  5. There’s a new one, Warren Buffet… the only wall street magnate that has a shred of decency and has a son feeding the poor in Africa with his inheritance — is a Fukcing Terrorist? Jesus Fukcing Christ your paranoia is on overload… put down the pot, b4 u end up in a pothole.

  6. Not at all, but he’s a known ally of Hillary Clinton, just like Vladimir Putin is a known ally of Donald Trump. Suspicious? Only to the intelligent — so not to you! You fukcing know nothing jew bagel.

  7. Yes, time to throw the baby out with the bathwater… good thinking, idiot.

  8. Craig Mack says:

    Stfu Robert Coplen lmao, loser

  9. Ginny Gilman says:

    Soros is so dangerous, all the world should feel the same way.

  10. Actually, wanted should be on Putins mug. He is wanted by Trump. Trump is tired of sleeping alone.

  11. Dan Jarvis says:

    Thanks, Chad Grant, how would we have ever understood this without you? You’re a hero!

  12. Who wrote this article?? It’s awful

  13. Thai Nguyen says:

    People on this website supporting Putin are psychos. You are supporting a Commie dictator thug. Think about that.

  14. Harry Kent says:

    give it a few minutes Putin, Soros has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel

  15. I didn’t know I liked Putin so much …

  16. Mandy Rogers says:

    Putin wouldn’t entertain Trump, he thinks he’s a twat same as the rest of the world. Trump is an insignificant cockroach next to Putin, a man who cares about the people of his country and not the profits of corporations, something you americans know nothing about.

  17. You put in better words than I  could ever. Thank you

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  18. Who sows the wind will reap storm, Mr. Soros.

  19. Mal Harris says:

    Sure hope he does it

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