Putin officially declared: George Soros is a wanted man, dead or alive.

  • Don’t be afraid to start over. It’s a new chance to rebuild things. This time better. The way you want it. — Unknown.

    • Yes, time to throw the baby out with the bathwater… good thinking, idiot.

  • Doesn’t Soros look like David Rockefeller? .

    • Ouch!. At least if your going to insult me, try spelling *** right!. Bell end!.

    • Not at all, but he’s a known ally of Hillary Clinton, just like Vladimir Putin is a known ally of Donald Trump. Suspicious? Only to the intelligent — so not to you! You fukcing know nothing jew bagel.

    • Stfu Robert Coplen lmao, loser

  • Hey, his war on terror is starting with the guys funding it, the head terrorists; Soros, Buffet, Rothschild, etc

    • There’s a new one, Warren Buffet… the only wall street magnate that has a shred of decency and has a son feeding the poor in Africa with his inheritance — is a Fukcing Terrorist? Jesus Fukcing Christ your paranoia is on overload… put down the pot, b4 u end up in a pothole.

    • Thanks, Chad Grant, how would we have ever understood this without you? You’re a hero!

    • WOOO!

  • Soros is so dangerous, all the world should feel the same way.

  • That’s pretty intense!

  • Go for it Putin!!

  • Good

  • Actually, wanted should be on Putins mug. He is wanted by Trump. Trump is tired of sleeping alone.

    • Putin wouldn’t entertain Trump, he thinks he’s a twat same as the rest of the world. Trump is an insignificant cockroach next to Putin, a man who cares about the people of his country and not the profits of corporations, something you americans know nothing about.

  • Who wrote this article?? It’s awful

  • People on this website supporting Putin are psychos. You are supporting a Commie dictator thug. Think about that.

  • give it a few minutes Putin, Soros has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel

  • I didn’t know I liked Putin so much …

  • You put in better words than I  could ever. Thank you

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  • Who sows the wind will reap storm, Mr. Soros.

  • Sure hope he does it