Philippine President Declares: It’s ‘China, Philippines and Russia’ Against the World.

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  1. The Philippines President is a total idiot. He is as bad as the idiot in N. Korea and Putin. The USA has protected the Philippines ever sence before WW2. We have economically supported them for many years.

  2. Rhye Cor says:

    Let us take into account the entire facts. While the US has helped the Philippines its businessmen have also profited from their economic ventures in the country. We have made a lot of your rich countrymen more rich. While you give to us you also take from us. The military exercises that you do in our country a lot of the suppliers are also Americans so much of the money put in these exercises also goes to American pockets. You have extracted a lot of our minerals for your industries. You have given us outdated military equipment which we paid from you. The Philippine president asked you if you will fight for our rights in the south china sea you said no. When Filipinos goes to your country they need visa whereas you can go to our country without visa. We are a treaty ally and staunch supporter of the US yet non treaty allies like Egypt and Pakistan and others get more money and better military aid. Perhaps you should do the maths of who gets more from the alliance. Americans who commit crimes in our country for the past several decades are freed thru diplomatic means and money whereas our countrymen suffer your legal system. You don’t treat us as equal partners but like subjects or poor relatives. We appreciate the friendship but you also do a lot of things for your country’s interest..

  3. Rather a simple and one sided comment….but hey: you’re an American

  4. Marty Gray says:

    The usual bunch of war mongers & when they get upset they send young men off to fight their battles . Jehovah God will soon be kicking them off his planet . Dan 2:44

  5. Beginning of new world order.

  6. Bullshit Yankees…

  7. Got a BAD leader in the Philippines now. What a shame!!!

  8. Fansy Ced says:

    Totaly brainwashed.

  9. Pamela Cohen says:

    Lines drawn in the sand… Maybe when free energy is leaked and developed, the greedy will fall by the wayside. As far as GMO’s and non-pharmaceutical healthcare, a citizens of the world organization will have to push them out. Just think what would happen to human beings without the Military Industrial complex being able to distribute drugs to fund their weapons and war agenda, local organic farms, etc.

  10. > 23 Oct 2016

    In an ancient China of never ending war it had seen all sort of games
    and trickery played a long long time ago

    There was once a schemer offered his arm to be chopped off and
    went over to their enemy camp like a cry baby

    He cooked up a story that his emperor had chopped off his arm
    He escaped being killed and now he wanted to switch side

    It ended the enemy kingdom was betrayed and got run over by the
    crook scheme

    Do we or can we believe China will get played by this political rookie

    China will NEVER view this guy of any subsequence
    China will at most pay off Philippines to play off the Americans

  11. This could have been prevented had you brought me inside sooner…

  12. Thai Nguyen says:

    History shows that when a country aligns itself with Russia and China, poverty follows: See: East Germany. Vietnam. Cuba. North Korea. The new Phillipino President is an idiot and the rest of Asia (except for North Korea), will leave the Phillipines in the economic dust in a few years.

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