Judge Gives Cancer Patient 90 Days Of Jail For Being Too Sick To Pay Bills

Judge Gives Cancer Patient 90 Days Of Jail
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  1. Sounds like something an American christian would do….

  2. Most likely the judge is relative to Trump.

  3. Karma always catches up to you…he will get his

  4. Ben Hawken says:

    Get this judge twat together with that judge twat from Miami ( who wants to ban vegetable plots from front gardens!), And see what miracles they can perform… Twats!!!.

  5. And yet a rapists only gets 3 months!! Wtf!!

  6. HOW on earth did he become a Judge ?!!

  7. Le Smitty says:

    Judges were lawyers first-that explains a lot.

  8. Julie Dalton says:

    Maybe the time has come for us all to become extinct. Do we really deserve to be here??

  9. I had to look it up… Wow!!! Just, wow!!!

  10. Ben Hawken says:

    Shouldn’t like this really?.. But you know what I mean 😉

  11. David Smith says:

    Just because your sick does not mean you can break the law.

  12. So now Arkansas can pay his healthcare bills, feed him, and give him a place to sleep. He may not want to leave!

  13. Not paying a bill is not breaking the law, it is simply a breach of an agreement. You fool.

  14. Maleko Paulo says:

    Surely it’s fraud if done repeatedly, with the knowledge that you don’t have the funds to cover the cheque. Good point that someone made about the free healthcare. Doesn’t make it right, but could save him money.

  15. Ken Azi says:

    What a humanitarian. (sarcasm)

  16. Ken Azi says:

    Or most likely he will work for him in the future.

  17. Jep. And when you are in a coma you will break the law also. Lets put all coma patients in jail! Fool!

  18. Sure and not for mrs clinton! She is the biggest liar of all.

  19. Mary Harris says:

    Not fit to be a judge.

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