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Then And Now Breathtaking Photos Of Famous Cities

Everything around us is subjected to change. The world has significantly moved ahead in the field of technology, and alongside this, the mentality of the people has also undergone an immense transformation. And it’s this continuously evolving mindset that has…

35 Secret Keyboard Combinations That Will Change How You Use Your Computer

Technology is always getting better and better and if you can’t keep up with the changes, you’ll end up in a bit of confusion. Technology comes to make our life simpler, but to make it all really easy and lighting-speed,…

Windowless Planes Will Give Passengers a Mesmerizing Panoramic View of the Sky

Have you fought for that window seat or felt bad because you didn’t get one when travelling by air? Most of us who have been in an aeroplane have done this sometime or the other. The good news is, these…

With The Worlds First Floating Tent You Can Live in Nature Forever

You have been in camping sites at school. It’s quite an adventure but as humans, we always desire something more. And that’s probably the beauty of our intelligence – we get what we want. Smithfly, an Ohio based company has…

A Flying Car Is Hitting The Market In A Few Weeks

Movies and TV shows have made us wonder for years with depictions of all kinds of futuristic vehicles. While we haven’t exactly reached the level of the Jetsons yet we are certainly getting very close. In just a short time,…

Feel Your Partner’s Heartbeat Just By Tapping This Ring.

Communication with your partner becomes a huge problem when you stay miles apart. Though social media has become one of the foremost methods of communication, science has gifted with a technology that helps you feel your partner’s heartbeat.

These Are The First Photos From The Greatest Inventions Of All Time

Photography is one of the most important inventions of human civilization and a technological development. It is also a form of art. With the help of photography, we have many photographs from some of humanity’s greatest inventions.

MIT Engineers Create Glowing Plants to Replace Electrical Lamps.

Imagine that instead of turning on a lamp when it gets dark, you could read by the light of glowing plants on your desk.