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New Surgery Can Give the Legally Blind 20/20 Vision.

Unfortunately, new statistics say that 2.5 million emergency room visits or deaths were caused by traumatic brain injury in the US alone. This can result in severely affecting someone’s vision and in some cases, leading them to develop blindness. However,…

For The Cost Of An iPhone, You Can Now Buy A Wind Turbine That Can Power An Entire House For A Lifetime.

This isn’t a joke. Brothers Arun and Anoop George of Kerala, India are on a mission to deliver renewable energy to the common man.

Solar-powered Pipe desalinates 1.5 billion gallons of drinking water a year for California.

If humanity is survive the challenges of a changing climate, solar power and clean water are something we need to figure out.

Germany Reveals World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Passenger Train With Zero Emission.

Innovation is wonderful thing and its crucial if we are to reduce the impact humans are having on this planet.

Largest 3D Printer In The World Creates Zero-Cost Homes Out Of Mud.

The first home built by WASP is 40-feet tall and cost just $53 to make.

Poland Unveils Glow-In-The-Dark Bicycle Path That Is Charged By The Sun.

Cycling is one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel, and thanks to this solar-powered bike lane that glows in the dark, it just got even moreso.

The New Wind Turbine That Can Power Japan For 50 Years After One Typhoon.

It would be an understatement to say that typhoons aren’t typically associated with something positive. In the natural world, they cause mass destruction, wiping out entire communities and leaving many bodies in their wake. But a Japanese engineer has constructed…