A collection with photographs, paintings, comics and other artistic creations who can inspire you and help you think forward.

15+ Amazing Photos Of Street Art Fusing With Nature

When the surrounding does not constrain a graffiti artist but instead incorporates without destroying it the results are amazing.

Photographer Captures The Glimpse of Love In Animals And It’s Too Adorable

Artist named Freya Ever After started a beautiful project in which she captures the glimpse of love in animals. The birds, horses, cats, and dogs are too adorable.

Artist’s Funny Illustrations Show The Importance Of Having Self-Confidence That Are Too Relatable

25-year-old Planet Prudence lives in Belgium. She is a dreamer and she likes cats, books, pencils, and notebooks. She also likes to make the world a better place with her works. Many of her sketches show the importance of having…

30+ True But Painful Illustrations Of Life’s Irony That Everyone Can Relate

Life is full of irony. People say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But the irony of every image is obvious at first glance. But isn’t life full of such moments? Below you will see incredible painful illustrations…

30+ Funny Illustrations That Depict The Other Side Of Our Society

The intense rhythms of everyday life, the digital revolution, the multiple obligations and demands of our time have contributed to our alienation, greatly depriving us of the need for substantial human communication and contact. This other side of our society…

30+ Illustrations Capturing The Reality Of Our Modern Society

Many artists are fascinated by the reality of our modern society and very often it is one of their favorite subjects to illustrate. Our society is not a perfect utopian place. Wars, drugs, human trafficking, racial discrimination are few of…

30+ Candid Illustrations With Deeper Meanings Show The Irony Of Today’s World

Art is one of the best ways to express our deepest feelings and thoughts. Many artists create illustrations with deeper meanings to make the viewer reconsider the problems of today’s society.

Artist’s Skeletal Illustrations Show The Glimpse Of Intense Love With Beautiful Messages

Artist named Skull Pell has a beautiful yet dark way to show the glimpse of intense love. Her skeletal illustrations are terrifying and she uses black and white colors.