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10 Ways To Make Your Vacation Photos More Interesting

Accept it, we all love taking awesome vacation photos. So, what would be the best possible angle to click a picture that would result in garnering a large number of likes on Instagram? Well, there have been some tried and…

Artist Turned 9 Heartbreaking Photographs Into Happy Art

Morshed Mishu from Bangladesh grew up admiring comic drawings. It was such an admiration that he decided to become an illustrator himself and indeed his reports to gain global attention.

20+ Truly Amazing Wildlife Photos of 2018

Photography is truly one of the most underrated of arts, and this can be proved by some wildlife photos of 2018 that was showcased at the Wildlife Photography Awards at London.

This Artist Trolled The People Who Kept Sending Requests For Freebies

Whenever you go out and buy something or avail a service, you usually pay for it. Nobody just sits down at Starbucks and asks that they are given a coffee on the house. They don’t ask for free tickets to…

25 Surprised Visitors Discovered Their Doppelgänger In A Museum

There are people who believe that all of us have – or, we once had – a doppelgänger, somewhere on the planet. Some, in fact, are looking for proofs and running in museums to take photographs in front of paintings…

Photographer Finds Locations Of 1960s Postcards and Compares Them With Photos Of Today.

This project started when an old photo caught the attention of photographer Pablo Iglesias Maurer. The photo was a postcard from a resort in the1960’s. Pablo began wondering how is this place now and this led him to create an…

30 Before And After Editing Pictures Reveal That Photography Is A Big Beautiful Lie

Everything is timing matter! From time to time we see photos on the web that really impress us and are awesome!! Check 30 pictures before and after editing that show photography is a beautiful lie. 1. Mini car models have…

15+ Amazing Photos Of Street Art Fusing With Nature

When the surrounding does not constrain a graffiti artist but instead incorporates without destroying it the results are amazing.