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Can an Artificial Intelligence Machine Be as Smart as a Four-year-old Child?

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  1. Waking up is that moment when you begin to understand that what you were taught in school is a language and that language is not something that you can touch. It’s nothing to be afraid of. If anything it’s exciting. It’s kind of like you remember someone pointing at something and saying to you “say puppy” when you were young but because they didn’t tell you that what they were asking you to do is mimick a sound that you heard them make, you thought that they were teaching you what something was. Now you find out that all you were doing was a mimicking a sound that you heard them make and you get that a “puppy” is not something that exists. The thing that they pointed at existed, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that it was not a “puppy” is all. Now your thinking “well if it wasn’t a puppy, what was it?” The best that I can offer is that it was a life, the same as you. There is nothing to be afraid of about waking up. In fact, it’s the most freeing feeling in the world. It’s like all of the sudden you are seeing things and the words that you once associated with what you see, no longer have any power over you. You get that a “country” is something that you say, not something that you see or something that exists and that “countries” only exist is fairytales. You are no longer willing to be fooled by those in command of a global audience. If anything, you want them to shut up. Unless they are willing to tell everyone the truth. We are coming into the most exciting time in all of recorded history. Be excited. 🙂

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