20 photos of Syria before and after the war that will bring tears to your eyes.

  • I am Muslim
    #ISIS not in my name

  • Remove all religions, 50% or more of our world’s problems will be removed.

  • So sad!

  • Terrible…

  • Western democracy

    • Not western democracy. This is pure male greed for money and power from the Elite and their stupid servants, who do everything they tell them to do !!!

  • Well then wake up, whipe the tears away and lets start cleaning up the mess!

  • Everything we see is temporary. We too as a specie are temporary. If ever your pride or ego tells you otherwise, look at the night sky.

  • لاحول ولا قوة إلا بالله

  • Why no one isn’t noticing the war in Iraq and the damages that caused to their people?? That’s inhumane

  • So why are they fighting now!?