Syrian War-Before-After-1

20 photos of Syria before and after the war that will bring tears to your eyes.

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  1. Tii Fa says:

    I am Muslim
    #ISIS not in my name

  2. Remove all religions, 50% or more of our world’s problems will be removed.

  3. Cango Kopek says:

    Western democracy

  4. Pearl Helmy says:

    Not western democracy. This is pure male greed for money and power from the Elite and their stupid servants, who do everything they tell them to do !!!

  5. Well then wake up, whipe the tears away and lets start cleaning up the mess!

  6. Everything we see is temporary. We too as a specie are temporary. If ever your pride or ego tells you otherwise, look at the night sky.

  7. لاحول ولا قوة إلا بالله

  8. Don Martin says:

    I would say a lot more than 50%

  9. Thank you Joshua for sharing your thoughts! (Y)

  10. Why no one isn’t noticing the war in Iraq and the damages that caused to their people?? That’s inhumane

  11. Kelly Marie says:

    So why are they fighting now!?

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