7-Year-Old Syrian Girl Posts Heartbreaking Last Tweet: ‘Can’t Be Alive Anymore’

Bana Alabed is a potent wake-up call that the Syria war is still going on and it’s affecting real people. The 7-year old has been using Twitter to document her life. The tweets are done by her Mother as they…

IKEA Surprises Customers By Recreating Syrian Home In Store.

Syria may be the most significant humanitarian disaster occurring right now, but you’re unlikely to hear about it from mainstream media.

Journalist Eva Bartlett: “I’m Back From Syria. The Media Is Lying To You!”

Eva Bartlett is a Canadian activist/freelance journalistst. Eva has lived cumulative ~3 years in Gaza, spent time in Lebanon and visited Syria 3 times since April 2014. Anti-zionist, anti-imperialist, pro-justice.

Syrian Rescuer Digs For 2 Hrs To Rescue Baby Girl, Bursts Into Tears The Moment He Finally Holds Her Safely.

As the conflict in Syria continues to tear the country apart, every day men and women are doing their part to save those in distress. Over the weekend, a video from rebel held Idlib surfaced after first responders pulled a…

The Touching Photos of Children from Syria with Pokemon Go Characters.

Touching photos of young children from Syria that hold in their hands’ pictures with Pokemon Go characters, on which is inscribed the name and city of residence.

20 photos of Syria before and after the war that will bring tears to your eyes.

Twenty pictures in the same places, before and after the war, in one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.

Western fighters are called into joining the fight in Syria

Although the war in Syria feels to be going on very far away from the “West“, we are starting to feel its consequences, since the Paris attack. However, long before that, many people from the West did not like staying…