ISIS Fighters Target Israel for the First Time and are Obligated

  • Joyce Frankel

    I think the word you need is Obliterated instead of Obligated.

    • Chaim Yonkel

      Try Smooshed.

  • Hahahahahahaha! what a mockery! Are you serious right now? i can relate:
    after explosions that happened in there, you are trying to attract attention to ISIS? and “REPONSIBILIZE” islam for it? wait let me give you a good headline “LETS RELATE EVERYTHING THAT EXPLODES TO MUSLIM COMMUNITIES.”
    This is the best clue ISIS is an “Inside job”.

  • that’s what they want you to say.

  • Shame it was only four

  • Did the memer mean “obliterated” maybe?

  • Obligated????? Haha the Trump effect is now mandatory… the words no longer need to be correct – they must just sound similar…

  • interesting. and why is Israel not doing anything about the fact that islamists, head-chopping-suicide-bombing terrorists are destroying their neighboring country?
    Don’t they realize that if Syria falls all their weapons will be used against Israel?

    OR is that their goal? So once Syria falls under terrorist control, they can then take over Syria under a safe pretext, that they’re fighting terrorism and annex the entire territory just like they did with the Golan Heights?


    • Well said !!!

    • ill answer well as well. well… WE HAVE OUR OUN ISSUES TO DEAL WITH. its called SURVIVAL

    • because Syria is an enemy of Israel?

    • Jordan Thomas is it? And why did it happen so, that Syria became an enemy of Israel?
      It’s always somebody else’s fault, but not Israel’s fault that it has ENEMIES?! You want to annex part of my country as well after you attack and occupy it with your military?
      Well what do you know – you just earned another enemy!!!

      And what are you going to say after that? “HELP! IM SURROUNDED BY ENEMIES!”

      Well, so is SYRIA surrounded by enemies!

      Tit for Tat!

  • But It isn’t Israel also Palestinian murder and black people abusers
    Zionists let Jews be burned in Germany to gain sympathy from the world for land of Palestine while they plotted and planned the apartheid they were to subject Palestinians too!!! Nazis plan all over again but with no end!!!!

  • Obligated or obliterated?

  • Israel is the mother of ISIS