Journalist Eva Bartlett: “I’m Back From Syria. The Media Is Lying To You!”

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  1. Our politicians are one thing
    Our media is another

  2. the media is owned by the same people who are in control of politicians. wake up world. we are being controlled.

  3. utter rubbish. the media has been sold out. they are as corrupt as the politicians.

  4. That’s what I meant

  5. Alex Yoshua says:

    She says.. anti-Zionist and pro-justice”?
    How can anyone be an antisemite and called herself pro-justice?
    I do agree however with the fact that the world is controlled by dark powers

  6. We are anti zionist and pro justice too. It is called being a humanitarian. Something you appear to know very little about.

  7. Alex Yoshua says:

    What is to be anti Zionist?… could you explain?

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