US Government Declaring All Out War On Tiny House Living

Tiny House Living
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  1. Unreal… seems they prevent people from being happy in this country…

  2. Nick Marsden says:

    park model recreational vehicles: Definition

    If your tiny house is NOT on wheels, it is a tiny house, not a park model RV. If your tiny house is on wheels, then it’s a mobile home/RV. If you want your tiny house to be a permanent house, why put it on wheels and make it a trailer???

  3. Nick Marsden says:

    That said, I would LOVE to live in a tiny house. On a small plot of land that I would own with plumbing and heating and power/internet.

  4. Jan Seeley says:

    Far more dangerous than guns

  5. Jean Callary says:

    “…while a number of confused commenters flooded HUD’s proposal page based on inaccurate rumors, the proposed rules were seen as a net positive by tiny home experts, RV enthusiasts, RV trade groups, and anyone deeply involved with full-time RVing or tiny house living. A handful of blogs broadly misinterpreted the proposed rule changes as HUD “outlawing” tiny homes, despite the fact HUD doesn’t possess the authority to pass such laws. The proposed rule rumored to be a “tiny house ban” was in fact simply a clarification of classifications for RVs and similar dwellings and in no way banned or criminalized tiny home ownership or building.” (Snopes,

  6. John Kaiser says: says not true.

  7. Tracy Dawn says:

    Thanks for the explanation I was about to go digging!

  8. Debra Martin says:

    Freedom is an illusion


  10. no debt? government says : no debt youre not American. I say no debt? you’re smarter than the government.

  11. Kasia Brown says:

    Drzymala mial taki sam pomysl jezeli dobrze pamietam ,cale szczeciie,ze to dzialo sie w Polsce bo w Ameryce nie przechodzi

  12. James Junior says:

    What is the world coming to…sigh. Especially the United states. It’s tragic. I mean come on…criminalization of the collection of rain water?

  13. Roger Ricker says:

    Freedom, what a joke.

  14. Ok so homeless is better . Wow.

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