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America Could End Homelessness By Doing This

America Could End Homelessness By Doing This
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  1. Mccoy Evans says:

    There’s no money for corporate so America won’t do it

  2. Yes ,and where you going to get the land to build these houses on, uncle sam?

  3. You couldn’t do that because is against Construction mafia, uncle Sam will never give you a permit arguing that is out of the wonderful codes and regulations.

  4. Aren’t there like enough abandoned houses to give every homeless person 12, or something like that?

  5. Kurt Hanson says:

    The government would not allow this; The reason why these people are homeless in the first place is because of: legislation. policy, tax’s. Its not like they could live of the land or start a small business or even perform odd jobs (got a permit for that?) Also those that are not homeless are in jail, the US is the largest Jailer in the world! What happened to the land of the free?

  6. This is amazing if only the government would get involved.They spent so much money on fancy costly art buildings ete. People would be able to have jobs building theses homes.Give them hope so many people are one paycheck away from being homeless.Any news from Mr. Trump on this subject??Help people help themselves.

  7. Rick Haubeil says:

    Homelessness is the product of poverty, and poverty here in the US can only be cured by a change of heart and habit. Here in America the true causes of poverty is never addressed, because the reasons are political. Our leftest government wants the population to be dependent on the state, therefore people are being paid to remain poor. We have the richest, poor people in the world. Drug use and alcohol abuse play a huge role as well. Bad decisions are made and bad outcomes are repeated over and over in a cycle that is blamed on the rich, or on republicans, or on anything other than the truth. (the person making the bad decisions) Not putting down the people mind you. They don’t know why they’re poor. They’re never told that the escape from their destructive situations lie in their own power and in God. It’s not easy, but it can be done. We need to start fixing the problems and stop focusing on the symptoms. We have generational failures that’s gonna take generations to repair. Our educational systems are nothing but indoctrination centers for Communism. This needs to change. Another thing that needs to change is the idea that government is the solution to anything. The government is the sole reason everything stinks.

  8. Need land to build the houses on and job to pay taxes, utilities, food.

  9. This is how America can and will end homelessness. Ask yourselves, who do you blame for homelessness? The solution lies in the answer.

  10. still an individual says:

    Visiting in Seattle, a homelessness mess where some were recently driven down and killed by an auto accident, an abandoned military base is being used to build ‘non-profit’ offices, not low cost homes for the homeless.. This is socialism at work.. congrats, Seattle, give those blood sucking non-profit executives a fancy office and leave the homeless to live with winter rains and cold.

  11. still an individual says:

    Homelessness must exist for those blood sucking non-profit executives to keep their jobs. Think about it.
    Socialism never adopts market ideas like this. NEVER.. an underclass is necessary and do gooders need to feel as though they participate in solutions which never seem to work… witness the death of homeless on a Seattle interstate roadway recently.

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