U.S. Navy shot down Iranian passenger flight 655 murdering 290 innocent civilians

U.S. Navy
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  1. Salih Begeç says:

    Plase guess by which country’s Navy, Turkish Republic’s Navy Ship called ‘Muavenet’ in Eagen sea was shot ‘accidentally’ in maneuvers of NATO held in Meditrenian Sea in the late 90’s. True answer is: USS Navy. Surprised? 🙁

  2. Arnold Alba says:

    Wtf no fuvken wei I need to look this up !

  3. Ilir Goxhaj says:

    Very nice they did the job well done marine

  4. Dude wtf? Have you ever heard of Charles Robert Darwin? Ever if you feel fear off an animal in our times, you do not eliminate it because you understand that it is not “educated”!!! You have to control the situation(even with war sometimes as history proves) but you must show to everyone why you are different from them. You can’t be serious by saying “they are not civilians”.

  5. Killing innocent civilians is job well done?

  6. Ilir Goxhaj says:

    Is they job to protect and serve no matter what

  7. I am not impressed….

  8. Why, what is the reason for this slather?

  9. Anton Spirin says:

    4 October 2001. Russian passenger jet shot down over black sea by Ukranian AA system.

  10. “If this is true”
    Research it and find out for yourself xP

  11. Ilir Goxhaj do you realize how ignorant you sound?

  12. I can’t be bothered

  13. Ilir Goxhaj says:

    Well done Nikos Sidiropoulos this is the way a dude should talk about this staff very smart of u i got your point

  14. David Wall says:

    U.S. never formally apologized but did pay $ 61,000,000.00 in compensation under an agreement mediated by the International Court of Justice in the Haig. The International Civil Aviation Authority stated that the command component of the Vincennes was negligent in mistaking the civilian transponder on the airliner for the military transponders on an F14 fighter, which Iran had in its Air Force. Some experts speculated that Vincennes may have been picking up military transponder signals of aircraft on the ground from a nearby Iranian Air Base. Aegis Cruisers were designed for open oceans, not for enclosed spaces like the Persian Gulf. Previously that day, an Iranian vessel had fired on one of Vincennes’ helicopters and there was likely a lot of tension on the bridge.

  15. Rex Wilkie says:

    I think murdering is agreesively wrong terminology. In those day, as today, commerical airlines are very careful to avoid zones where ( any nations) warship may be traveling. The ship was on war footing for its tour of duty in a war zone in the middle east. The ‘arrogance’ of the Iranian government in letting the airliner enter a known military traverse zone has to be equally accounted as well. Truth may be inconvenient, but its essential to keep a balance on reality.

  16. Rex Wilkie says:

    Its not entirely true. Read more responses.

  17. Shawn Ameri says:

    The arrogance of US navy being present in Iranian waters

  18. Tom Steele says:

    I didn’t know of this.. And I do think this is highly wrong.. And should be formally apologized for.. I get it there was money paid.. And it was a lot of money.. But… That’s never enough.. People aren’t worth a dollar figure.. That’s nice.. But not enough.. Just for beginners.. But.. There is the point of what a guy or girl farther down.. I didn’t read who posted I just read what it said.. About the government of Iran also allowing the airliner to fly through the militaries no fly zone.. Both countries are somewhat at fault.. America.. Being more so.. Though who knew if it was a bomber or not… So yes they were wrong.. And should formally apologize.. But that was a known from Iran that that would happen if they flew through and they allowed it… Don’t agree with what happened at all.. I don’t agree with needless death.. I don’t think needless suffering should be allowed… Both wrong and yes a formal verbal apology should be made…

  19. The point is you dont fly over military vessels air space or bases without permission or u will be shot down. Just like any other country’s military would do. So yes job well done.

  20. Well if the US airlines flies above Korea Russia or any other foreign country they can shoot us down with no problems but we can’t shoot these ignorant son of a b**** is down without getting s*** blow to us and having to paying lots of money, b*******!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. The jetliner flew an attack profile, directly at a U.S. warship. It descended rapidly and refused to answer repeated calls from the warship to identify and divert. After the shootdown, bodies were seen floating on the surface of the water. None were clothed. There was no luggage on board the aircraft. And people still believe this wasn’t a deliberate setup by the Iranians to embarass and otherwise blackmail the U.S.? Get real.

  22. SaMi Khan says:

    There must be a bigger picture

  23. Thanks Mr. Berg..for providing the truth!!…It’s amazing how most will just read the HEADLINE and believe it to be true..Thanx again!!

  24. Actually, being former Air Force intelligence, I have been privy to incident reports and speak from actual knowledge, not from any headlines. But thank you for your support.

  25. This is nothing they did way more crime Only One Nation Has Ever Used a Nuclear Bomb in War
    For those of you who don’t know which nation, it is the United States of America, which dropped two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, in August of 1945. The Japanese were already in the process of negotiating to surrender

  26. What else can you expect from americans..

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