This Spanish City Pays Everyone 1,200 Euros A Month And Gives Everyone A Free House.

  • What an enlightened man he is – one who possesses compassion, insight and a clear, workable vision for the people. How refreshing. Fantastic.

  • Can people freely leave? If so it is not communism. Communism imposes collectivism, free markets allow groups of people to choose how to organise themselves.

  • Todaviho

    And who pays for Medical services? And roads, and police and defence… ah yes of course … somebody else is paying for that… yepp communism/socialism at it finest

    • If others don’t want to pay for this who is forcing them to? You can’t blame parasites and pests for their appetites! It is the victims fault for failing to protect themselves. The state will give you national defence etc if you don’t want to sort it out yourself… but if you want them to do it, you must pay for their pet projects too!

    • Maurice Marsman

      IQ = <75

  • Shawn Arstill

    the rest of the world should be so lucky. with our government it will not be happening here in the U.S. anytime soon.