Sarcastic Illustrations That Show What’s Wrong With Society Today

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  1. lisofby says:

    didn’t understand all of them. abstinence, cross walk, street party etc

  2. Sama says:

    What does Tyrion Lannister have to do with them?

  3. Naim says:

    cross walk
    has characters from game of thrones and madmen. Can be interpreted that the common people are entertained, brainwashed, bread and circus?
    This is incorrectly titled. The image is of a domino effect of sexual partners, when one is not enough, it is never enough.
    Street party
    I think this is another mislabeled piece. Only thing I can think of is the color over black and white means that you can bring life through community

  4. Shaun Alleman says:

    Like the artwork but the message is either nonsensical or naive. There were only 6 of them where I was sure of what was being said.

  5. Phirum Or says:

    I didn’t get the first one, the hero, can anyone explain me?

  6. klesta seseri says:

    Real Hero’s are the one’s who stand by you and help you .

  7. The Mann says:

    They are good, but surtenly not true.. mankind has allways been like that in all human history and culture, the ALPHA people has always been like idiots for other people, and that is also today. even more power and money for alpha people, even others nearly has nothing.

  8. Ryan Vande says:

    My opinion on the first one is probably sexist, women think their man is some super hero

  9. susan layton says:

    Didnt get most of them

  10. Affan Hidayat says:

    even on the crosswalk, people think fictions

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