8 Reasons To Cut The Toxic Negative People From Your Life

Don’t you think we’re all pretty sick of the endless barrage of bad news that has come out way in 2018? In 2019, the only resolution that we should be focusing on is to inject some much-needed positivity into our…

30+ Funny Illustrations That Depict The Other Side Of Our Society

The intense rhythms of everyday life, the digital revolution, the multiple obligations and demands of our time have contributed to our alienation, greatly depriving us of the need for substantial human communication and contact. This other side of our society…

30+ Illustrations Capturing The Reality Of Our Modern Society

Many artists are fascinated by the reality of our modern society and very often it is one of their favorite subjects to illustrate. Our society is not a perfect utopian place. Wars, drugs, human trafficking, racial discrimination are few of…

30+ Funny & Candid Illustrations Are Depicting Our Modern World Irony

Artists have a unique and distinct way to express their thoughts and feelings through their candid illustrations. Regardless of their style, their vivid imagination allows them to play with our minds.

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The following satirical sketches are criticizing and with bold humor expose the ridiculous social ascription. The images are raw with a huge dose of satire and irony and will make you think the problems of the modern world.

30+ Ironic And Satirical Illustrations That Are Too Relatable To Current Society

An image is worth a thousand words, says an expression known to us all. When it combines art, satire, exaggeration, questioning power, and criticizing the bad texts of politics and current society, the result can be impressive.

20+ Powerful Illustrations Depict The Harsh Truth About Modern Society

Marco Melgrati is an Italian illustrator living in Mexico. His job is to paint, sometimes for Italian, Mexican and American magazines. His work is quite charming, interesting and constructive. With his powerful illustrations, he is awakening our minds to see…

30+ Satirical Illustrations Depicting The Dark Reality Of Our Modern World

Our modern world has definitely many flaws and mistakes, and through these sketches the artists want us to think. As you will notice all of the sketches have a strong critique of today’s society.