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The Real Reason Marijuana is still Illegal

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  1. Faizal Mohd says:

    You need to win every battle in order to end the war. B-)

  2. Sean Jacobs says:

    Big Pharma, one plant treats what hundreds of pills do, no money, America counts on you to die to keep going basically, the American Lie

  3. It’s the pharmacy companies, the jails, the timber companies, the plastic companies, the DEA is the largest issue because they can push the laws either way. Trying to save their own jobs. Many people fund to keep it illegal to line their pockets

  4. Tom Frey says:

    It’s all lies , alcohol by far is the most abused drug out there and causes tremendous damage to the body and has ruined countless families lives
    Yet marijuana , has multiple medical uses and is by far much safer for recreational use.
    Marijuana grows naturally, unlike alcohol which needs to be distilled and processed to make it
    The only time marijuana hurts a people is when its laced with chemicals at which point it is no longer marijuana
    These are facts not opinions, alcohol should be made illegal and marijuana made legal

  5. Tony Pascual says:


  6. our congressmen and woman get big kickbacks to keep this plant illegal and somehow and someway we have to vote these people out

  7. Make it legal and i will cook for dinner vege

  8. Come to the NL; is legaal here.

  9. David Manson says:

    trouble is, not if but when, the cost will skyrocket, seeds will be impossible to get and monsanto is already geared up. but yes fully agree

  10. Wade Hall says:

    Bull it is harmful. And as any one with brain knows it leads to harder drugs. We do not need more ways to escape reality, we need more ways to cope.

  11. Hahahahhhaha NL is great country ✌️✌️✌️

  12. John Gaustad says:

    Just keep it away from kids!!!!!

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