Portugal Is One Good Role-model for Renewable Energy Use.

The small country of the Atlantic ocean is putting a lot of effort in diminishing the use of non-renewable energy sources, as its natural resources and location on the world map creates quite a favorable condition: sun, air and water…

The Neighborhood That Will Produce Its Own Food, Energy and Will Recycle Waste.

The ReGen Village, outside Amsterdam, will become the first neighborhood based on the principles of self-sufficiency and sustainability. This is a community that was designed to be self-sufficient, producing its own food, its own energy and the waste management.

This Man Grew up Without Electricity, and He Found a Way Around It.

70% of people in Tanzania have no access to electricity at all. George Mtemahanji was one of them growing up. He was even born in a place with no electricity, during the night, and his mother narrates that she had to…

Scotland Is Extracting Half of the Power It Needs from Renewable Power Sources.

Scotland has recently achieved one of the basic targets for the country’s ecological plan: 57% of the total energy consumption in the country is powered by renewable energy sources.

The Power of Tides is the New Energy Source we Should be Thinking About.

The problem of all kinds of renewable energy sources is that you cannot really calculate how much sun, wind or rain you will have each day, in order to determine if the energy produced will be enough.

Netherlands Set a Magnificent Goal for Their Railway System.

The Dutch Railway system has been working towards a magnificent goal, calculated to be achieved by 2018. They plan to run all trains entirely on wind power, without any use of fossil fuels. This change has already began to be…

New Wind Tree Generates Wind Power Silently In Tight Spaces!

One of the arguments often used against harnessing wind power is the idea that the equipment needed takes up too much space. Also, it is many times difficult to get people to allow these types of large scale projects near…

This Man Wants to Teach the World How to Turn Trash Into Energy.

In addition to being able to create energy from trash and human waste, some say that his inventions could “make the desert bloom”.