Media Silence After DAPL Police Literally Blow Woman’s Arm up with Grenade

Media Silence After DAPL Police Literally Blow Woman’s Arm up with Grenade

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  1. Debra Grange says:

    I have to get something straight, I live in England, so we only get to know by what the media allows us to know. last thing I heard 8 dys ago, the riot police had refuse to enter Standing Rock & do what they were being command to do, Dakota judges in the area had made it offence of jail to go near them, plus Obama had made it a law not to touch the area???, hence my confused head, thought it was all over !!!!!

  2. Y’all conspired to get Trump into office in your anonymous masks and with your infantile hacks — now reap the whirlwind and don’t expect any sympathy… or complain about the taste. Especially expect no love from the likes of your Commissar Trump who will reverse all the environmental gains of the last 8 years, and shove any pipe, any where he [email protected] well pleases… People who can’t tell the difference between fake news, and those who distribute it, like, “truth inside you,” deserve to suffer.

  3. man.. are you kidding me? who wants trump to get in the office? do you follow the page or you say whatever you want? we were with Sanders 100%.. Our Commissar Trump??? OMG! Fake news?? Why you comment then? Anyway.. Peace!

  4. Truth Inside Of You I’ve seen anti-obama and pro-trump garbage here before. Delete the comment if you’ve got a problem with it, it’s your page after all — be a boss.

  5. Frank Kelly says:

    The greatest kip in the world that treats its population like this

  6. Joyce SY Chu says:

    I saw the photos of the poor woman’s arm !

  7. I don’t have any problem with your comment.. I have problem to say wrong things about the page in public! We never supported Trump in this page! Maybe you didn’t understand right.. Anyway.. Also, there is no boss in our page.. We are several people.. Have a good night!

  8. those cops should be charged with assault.

  9. How kind of you, Mr. Coplen.

  10. Pete Iatrou says:

    You do know that Trump isn’t the president yet, right? All this stuff you’re crying about started under Obama, and it’s still going on under Obama. Get a clue, you imbecile.

  11. Peyton Smith says:

    The inhumanity to man I can’t help but think that such an urgency for oil has something to do with owing money to another country that’s bigger and wealthier. I don’t think we have the full story. The people have been left out by the powers that be to the real financial shape this country is in this country is beholden to some other more powerful country than they are. Instead of truth it’s being taken out on native people black people brown people.

  12. Robert Coplen what are you talking about … this page is mostly hippy liberal none sense and out right lies.

    never have they been pro trump. you are a dip shit and shouldnt be allowed on facebook…

  13. You all know how flipping fake this is so sad really

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