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How to Supercharge Your Dopamine Levels to Never Feel Sad, Stressed or Depressed Again.

How to Supercharge Your Dopamine Levels to Never Feel Sad, Stressed or Depressed Again
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  1. Karen Young says:

    Its not realistic to market techniques to ‘never feel stress again . Stress is normal, as is sadness and other negative emotions and any system promoting good health should be clear about that. The trick is learning to deal with them, which the techniques listed are useful for

  2. David Roy says:

    Jean-francois Levesque

  3. denis says:

    Meditation can raise the levels .

    If you can raise your consciousness to christconsciousness then you immediately leave all anxiety and depression behind . You die before you die.

  4. Karen , I find that thru prayer/meditation one can raise up to a state of christconsciousness where depression and anxiety do not exist, indeed cannot exist.
    I agree that stress can be normal as is grief after loss, but it’s all healthy .

  5. Karen Young says:

    I agree, it can, however its not an absolute for all. I don’t like articles claiming absolutes, its not honest

  6. Karen, if a soul can achieve christconsciousness (as taught by Joel S Goldsmith, the American mystic in The Infinite Way) then depression/anxiety do not exist. …absolutely. This is the state of heavenly bliss.
    Clearly not many folks seem to get there.

  7. Cassie Combes says:

    Make me more clam? Are we proof reading anything we publish these days?

  8. Karen Young says:

    There are many teachers who all say similar things and at no point have i said it can’t be done as i believe it can – but that’s a tiny fraction of people. My point is valid and I feel you’re happily skirting round it

  9. oh Karen , I may have misunderstood. (That’s the problem with FB type communication etc … )I agree with you , not skirting round it….for example grief & depression can be a perfect example of a healthy & normal reaction to loss . We shudnt dish out antidepressants willynilly when grief happens after death etc…Of course we have to learn coping mechanisms .
    My other point is more a supernatural , spiritual one !

  10. Melanie says:

    Not the only mistake they made in the article..

  11. Ah Jaysus says:

    Die before you die. What does this mean?

  12. Aissatou Sunjata says:

    Don’t read the replies of others posting!

  13. Dusty Porter says:

    Is that a word you made up?

  14. while you were waking up today , someone else was taking their last breath. Be thankful for this day, don’t waste it.

  15. Mike says:

    That is all u managed to get from this article? It looks like u both need what it says more than anybody

  16. Antony Mark says:

    There is sorrow in the world so its normal to feel sad, stressed and depressed at times…why make it a problem?

  17. Moods ebb n flow,, people buy into to much they read n hear n don’t forget genetics,,

  18. Great Article. Even with a few errors.

  19. How stupid. Sadness is a rich emotion. Depression is another story. Don’t confuse the two.

  20. Is there actual scientific evidence that the ginkgo biliba etc actually work?

  21. Ghassan Adam says:

    Thanks but most of us can’t do this regularly. It’s always hard to be on a scedule. And why most of us are being negative toward this article is the sign they feel they can’t keep up with exercise and most of things described on this article. If u beleave u can get more dopamine by using a drug or your body itself produce dopamine when you get happy than I don’t think there is any reason why above mentioned tasks cant improve dopamine levels .
    Although there are situations that may give u stress or make u sad hey we are not robot’s 😃

  22. Sheetal Bhatia says:

    Such a big thing,and one must like you truly pointed out appreciate what they have….this life

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