How to Supercharge Your Dopamine Levels to Never Feel Sad, Stressed or Depressed Again.

Did you know that we have chemicals in our brain that make us feel good? One of the most important is Dopamine (also known as the ‘feel good chemical’). Having reduced levels of dopamine can lead to adverse effects of…

Tricky Puzzles That Will Challenge Your Brain

Though most of us might now realize it, age is fairly relative. While our bodies might age at a certain rate, our intellect and emotional maturity might develop much faster. Do you want to know how old your brain is?…

Do You Get Goosebumps From Music? You Might Have Unique Brain

Music influences us in different ways. The immediate reaction to a piece is physical. But to some, music evokes a lot more. The emotions felt are deeper and more intense, so much so that the listener begins to empathize with…

Science Proves That Silence Is Vital For Our Brains, While Noise Hurts

It is now regular knowledge that a common ancestor of apes and man, a certain medium-sized canopy dweller called Pierolapithecus invented the use of tools, about 12-13 million years ago.

Science Research Says Singing Regularly Benefits Your Health And Life

Undeniably, music is one of the most beautiful things in life which can gratify our soul from zero to infinite.

7 Hobbies Science Says Will Make Your Brain Work Smarter And Faster.

All parts of our body age. And our brain does too. We’ve all witnessed the natural deterioration of brain functions in older relatives. Unfortunately, they lose their short-term memories and they gradually lose the executive functions, as the right frontal…

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