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How The Old Soul Loves Differently

How The Old Soul Loves Differently
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  1. Anne King says:

    That’s me

  2. So very true! I can relate and my Jessica is an old soul too!

  3. Old soul in me..

  4. Gemma Davis says:

    This is so true

  5. Jo Potter says:

    Ooo that is sooo me

  6. Just Unique says:

    I’ve read this before. It does do a very good job at describing old souls. But… with the sidemark that there are always variaties on how this is described. One lifetime, even for an old soul, gives growth and turning things around, for the better, to a different kind of behaviour.
    Not to be negative or something… but many old souls are profiling their gifts to be some kind of curse or something… and they are truely just gifts.
    Nothing more… and certainly not less.

  7. Except for the earrings..i want both its on point.. Although im not shy.. Just like to observed 1st

  8. Ivette Mar says:

    holy .. I’m definitely an old soul 🙂

  9. IvyMontreal says:

    I knew I was kind of weird but now I can call it ‘old soul’..yeah that’s me 😉

  10. That would be me..

  11. Mele Vaipae says:

    Me.. Except for like 2 things.

  12. Robin Walker – we just talked about this

  13. Mauricio Tenjo Solarte this might be you

  14. Most of this describes my wife and it’s true that they make great helpful loyal partners

  15. I think this is me

  16. I had to overcome my youthtrauma’s to fully live and be like an old soul

  17. Fk …. Any guide how an old soul can make it out in this life ?

  18. AMS says:

    I think a lot of this is me, and I’ve always thought I was an old soul long before ever reading an article like this. However there are some things on here I don’t readily identify with because I suspect they can be mistakenly used to be excuses for the ”socially maladjusted” which often comes along with emotional immaturity, in other words your E.Q. is not where it should be, and that does NOT come with an ”old soul”. If anything, an old soul has a very well developed E.Q., and that should include an ability to socialize in a healthy manner when necessary (though it also does not mean you have to be a social butterfly necessarily).

  19. Yes its true all this

  20. Gary says:

    This describes me perfectly.

  21. Mari Patino says:

    Maria Gonzalez Kevin Zavala like attracts like that’s why we get along so well

  22. Are you calling me old?! I’m offended!

  23. Natalya Ho says:

    So about me!!!! 100%

  24. I guess i married one… and its awesome! Judith Schmid

  25. Bruce Mabizela says:

    Tjo! I am so well-defined!

  26. Palash Jain says:

    Aafreen Ansari Should i add something more ?

  27. Wow ! I match almost every description, interesting .

  28. where’s the article? It”s only showing comments.

  29. Becky Wishon says:

    We are old souls xx

  30. J.D. Fryer says:

    Interesting article.

  31. Wat vindt je hiervan, Kitty ter Maat? Herkenbaar op een aantal punten, of niet..?

  32. Ja op heel veel punten herkenbaar idd…..leuk om te lezen.

  33. Jaaa, dat dacht ik dus al meis…

  34. This is a lie. We have one life and your soul is only as old as you are. We have one life and when we die we go before God for judgement.

  35. This is not about physical age. “Old soul” is a euphemism for someone who is mature beyond their years. wise beyond their years, insightful, intuitive, and all the other things this article suggests. It has nothing to do with an “aged” or numerically old soul.


  36. Diana says:


  37. Diana says:

    don’t date a younger one! best piece of advice you’ll ever been given

  38. seafrog says:

    Yep… I concur 100%

  39. Wei Zhao says:

    This. Youth trauma from living around people who cannot even hear you ask for help.

  40. bilal says:

    omg! .. that’s so ME!

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