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If He Doesn’t Have These Qualities, He’s Not Your Soul Mate.

20 Qualities He’s Your Soul Mate
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  1. Wow no gud strt setanlus in Jesus nem

  2. Amy Chouris says:

    How do I get him

  3. Danny Vela says:

    Really … why not just grow the perfect man in a lab nobody’s perfect and to have someone who’s probably never been in a real relationship white a bs paragraph on what’s what is a dumbshit move

  4. who says? who are you to define things that are eternal and without bounds? No human can define what a true soul mate is…your article is rubbish.

  5. Stephanie. Have Tony call me

  6. Tracy Tucker says:

    Its easy to see #15 & #16 are deal breakers…

  7. There are a lot of men who have a hard time prioritizing substance over superficial. Hips, eyes and thighs should not be the barometer by which a potential wife is measured. I often tell the men I counsel that “what looks good” is not always good for you. A Godly wife is a Proverbs 31 woman, and her price is far above rubies! #NowYouKnow #MakeInformedDecisions #BeforeYouSayYes

  8. Isdarelly I found all of these 20 things in you and more of them my soulmate ❤️️❤️️

  9. Golden Child says:

    Totally Agree. And why does it have to be a soul mate.

  10. Snehal Samvatsar says:

    such person is a myth

  11. amy says:

    Lol such kind will soon be preserved in a museum..they are of short supply today and will be extinct.

  12. Mehdi Souissi says:

    Considering that we all go through differents states of mind along a single, or simple journey, I would add, it isn’t a myth, it’s just a balanced complexity of the human existence itself. Beyond him, her, you, me, the rock, the plant, the drop of water, or a snail.

    Connection is with everything, not only a human being. I remember a teacher that used to tell me : ” If you have troubles with everyone, or most of them, even yourself, the problem is within you “.

    Probably this makes no sense here, nevermind, the Internet has made us immortal.

    Love and Chaos.

  13. Edna says:

    If there’s a kind of guy like on that manner even how far the distance , difficulties of ridges I do not matter for it…I must bring a torch just to search him.

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