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Have You Walked This World Before? 6 Signs You Have Been Reincarnated.

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  1. Reincarnation does not excist

  2. Lynn Greig says:

    And how do you know?

  3. Susan Herron says:

    Yes it does Michel, many have walked the earth plain before, and will continue to do so, you cannot gain perfection until lessons have been learned, we are spritual beings having an earthly encounter, we will all return to sprit eventually our home namaste

  4. Because it’s a belief born from the fear of death.

  5. As an Atheist i don’t believe in that.

  6. Susan Herron says:

    Ok that’s fine, I wish you well

  7. Marty Gray says:

    Gimme a break , what next

  8. 6 signs that you not have started waked the life …1 to much tv 2 to much reading 3 to much training 4 too much shopping 5 ……etc

  9. Bob Cesari says:

    Truth is, this is just another myth lifted from a religious belief system that keeps people enslaved to someone else’s ideas, thereby not finding their own truth.

  10. Susan Herron says:

    Sprituality is not a indoctrinal religion, the life force is all around us, there are loved ones in sprit who try to help us, it is not complicated, when you are feeling down or in need of support look up and send out your thoughts for help, they only strive to help us,

  11. Ok that’s fine. I wish you well.

  12. Olly Ormond ok that’s fine. I wish you well.

  13. Olly Ormond says:

    Nathan Mccarthy may the force be with you son

  14. Olly Ormond says:

    may the downy feathers of a royal swan rain down as spirits of our foregone fathers.

  15. Olly Ormond do you think the nutters in the Middle East ask there forefathers up in the virgin super highway for help!!!!

  16. Olly Ormond says:

    Nathan Mccarthy most definately nathan they also slice themselves in half with swords and the like to get their “gods” attention…amazin.

  17. Olly Ormond says:

    as tommy cooper once said…”juss like tha”

  18. This is a joke right? People that believe this need to get a grip.

  19. Dave Croston says:

    I’ve reincarnated a lot of ale!

  20. If we’ve walked here before… we don’t need anyone telling us that we have… in our hearts we know <3

  21. Do believe in rebirths of souls. Souls are eternal and when birth- death cycles occur, the soul leaves an existing body which dies and enters a new body, to be given birth.

  22. Sitting on the fence with this one. sometimes I feel I have been here before.

  23. Nothing was mentioned of a memory that has no explanation.

  24. I believe in reincarnation but that has nothing to do with any religion least of all the Christian God and the resurrection belief.

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